Monday, September 8, 2008

I have been trying to get back into the swing of things and to be honest I have been more interested in making cards lately than making pages...I have made several the last couple of weeks and love how they turned out. I just keep forgetting to upload pics of them on here. I got so excited about several of them, that I forgot to even take a photo of them. Here are the 2 birthday cards that I did last weekend both are for my nephews...I just hope that I can remember to send them out to get there on their special days.

I love these little robot/space alien/space ships stickers (got them on clearance from Micheals). I also love this Catslife Press round Birthday stamp! It has been used more than a few times in several different ways for adult and child cards!

Let's see what else to share, oh...I have taken our end of the summer family photo. My Hubby found an awesome location for pics and we took a bunch of them. Even though we are in summer clothes I am hoping to use these on Christmas cards or maybe we will take another bunch there in fall-ish is one of the pics that I took. I didn't even realize that LeiLani's shoe was in the front of us in the pic...

Well this is mostly all that I have been up to! Also I wanted to share that I have another set of ATC acrylic pages that should be listed soon on ebay. These are so cute. I am waiting for one one item before I can list the entire set but they are all fall related embossed pages. So be on the look out. I plan on having them on there before Saturday.
Also I have been getting emails about the stamps...they are gone. Sorry, I sold them!! I am going to edit the post for that day so that people know that they have sold. Well I hope that it will let me edit it. Last but certainly not least, I challenge all readers of this blog to make cards and actually send them to the people that they made the cards for. I am trying to do this myself because I want family and friends to know that I didn't forget about their birthdays or holidays. So show those special people in your life that you love them be sending/giving them cards!!