Monday, July 30, 2012

Calendar progress

Well this calendar idea is a great idea (this is a pep talk for but seriously I like being able to make calendars and notebooks because I seem to use so many on a daily basis. And personally there hasn't been a calendar that can do all the things that I need it to do at a reasonable price and also at a size that I love. But enough about all that. I can't believe how much I actually have accomplished in the few hours that I have been working on this project.

The calendar pages are done, the menu planner pages are done and I have decided to have it be effective and also a reasonable size to carry around in my purse, I need to only do it from August to December and then re-evaluate how I have it set up and what I am using it for next year.

I have decided that I no longer want it to be a bracket shaped album, especially since the point on the bracket shape would eventually be destroyed. And then the shape would like weird.

Here is what I have completed so far...

I love that I my "draft" allowed me to see that I really didn't love the look of the stamped undefined sections of the original design and so I really needed to make sure and make it look cleaner. I know that many don't use calendars or planners but I have since forever and I haven't just made one or two in my day. I originally made calendars when I was a teen by using printer paper and a ruler. And the stamped date section really felt like it was just too unorganized for my taste.  I say that to say, it doesn't matter what your calendar is just as long as you like how it looks and know that it will help you. And too much undefined space would surely get cluttered to me (especially since I love to write).

I cut all the pages from the cricut using MTC (my most favorite go to tool) and before I could blink I have a really neat looking planner. I am now going to cut down some college ruled filler paper and add a notes section. And I am still debating on having the bill paying section after each month or having a separate section (tab) just for that.

Well I gotta get some laundry done, some kids fed, some calls made and... until next time!

PS...I have huh duh moment while working on this project. Originally I was cutting the rounded rectangle on my cricut and then running it through my printer on top of the a previously printed word doc to get perfect alignment but after I thought about I changed the margins of the word doc, and then put the previously diecut cardstock directly into the printer and then printed on that directly. I couldn't believe that all that time I had spent re-taping a next cardstock piece on top of the printed image and then printing one side and then un-taping and doing it on the other side. I completely forgot that with my new printer that I could adjust the size that I was printing...huh duh! LOL!

PS#2...I really can't believe some of the other things that I have forgotten about since moving into this house. I completed decorated the office a certain way (on a budget) but honestly I don't love it. I love that there is an office, but really am not loving that the kids (especially the girls) get into everything all the time. And I'm trying o figure out a way to make my stuff not be so accessible. Well I opened one of the cabinets that I haven't been able to get into because the youngest one's desk blocks it, and I could have slapped myself. I mean I knew that my felt was in there and mini album stuff and old homeschooling stuff but I'd completely forgotten that I had 2 band spanking new 8.5x11 American Crafts 3 ring (alterable) albums...really how could I forget that? I have been postponing working on the girl#1's  album because I didn't know what size album to make for her. And school will be starting soon and I just knew that I wanted to be prepared for Kindergarten pictures. But  my budget doesn't allow any spending on scrapbooking stuff right now...well I don't need $$. I also couldn't believe that the albums had $2 stickers on them, but then I remember that I got them from the garage sale at Scrapbooks, ETC before I left MN...oh I miss local scrapbook sales where you can get 8.5x11 new albums still in plastic for $ 2.00! At that price it is a bonus and a treasure to loose them and find them again when you really do need them!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hello everybody..

Well its been a little time since my last post but I wanted to stop by and share some ideas that I have. I have been really working on getting licensed as a home childcare provider. And although I am scared of the idea and I am working hard to get all things done, I still have been crafting (a little bit). I am also trying to get the kids ready for school, well the oldest is already back. But I have two others to work on. And honestly now that I am not working, I don't know if I really want the other 2 to go to the school right around the corner. I mean it is the first time that we had a school within walking distance that I wanted the kids to go to. I had been driving the boys since 5th grade for our oldest and kindergarten for the our second oldest. But even before that I didn't want our oldest to ride a bus to school so I would walk with him (summer months only) and then drive all the rest of the year. But that was in MN but now there is good weather all year long. And when I was working I liked being able to walk with the kiddo to school in the morning. I mean the school literally is in our backyard.

The school is ok, but honestly I like the idea of smaller class sizes and full day kindergarten that might start later in the morning?? So whenever I wanted these options in MN I went with a charter school and it seems that I might have to do the same thing again. And so I have been working hard at looking for other options. And believe it or not there are lots of options here for schools.

So enough about that...I am currently working on a menu planner and monthly calendar. I should say that I am in the process of designing one. I haven't done any planning yet but I started my list of what I want the book to have in it.
I know that I need it to have a monthly at a glance calendar section, and a weekly calendar section that allows me to write a little info. I know that it also has to have a 1/2 sheet in the middle of the 2 pg weekly calendar section for me to write a weekly menu for all three meals daily and also a section to write a grocery list.

I don't want this to be a super big calendar/menu planner but it has to be at least 11 inches tall. I don't know exactly how wide it will be at this point and I haven't created the calendar pages as of yet because I have been searching for ideas online. But haven't found many that are helping me in my decisions. 

Well I am off to get something done but when I get a chance I will make sure to take photos of the project as I go along.