Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Her first word....I am just so happy!

I was in the kitchen making sloppy joes and cutting apples for lunch when my littlest one says...Mo...ma! I am so excited. I haven't had any of my other children call me first. And it wasn't a playing with the words...no this was directed at getting my attention because she wanted some more applesauce. So at 7mths she said her first word. I am so excited about it so I had to come and share that with everyone.

On another note, I have slowly been back in my space. My hand still hurts really bad and I really can't do anything about it...well not for a couple of weeks. But it is hopefully going to get better. I can't really type that great either...I am pecking lol lol and I type well over 60 wpm (I used to an Administrative Assistant so many yrs ago and that is how I know my typing speed.) But back to my space...it was a mess! I hate cropping outside of my house because I always take too much and never have exactly what I need when I am working on something specific. But that is one of the hardest parts about classes too...because no matter what I have planned I never have everything although I pack everything. The best part is that it isn't something that I have to worry about for a while. So I unpacked my XXXL bag and started sorting and organizing. At first it looked great because I had cleaned my desk and then I actually unloaded the bag and it once again looked like a storm had come through the space. But it is much better now.

I am working on starting Nya's album since I hadn't even started it. I have been working on pictures in Adobe and I have printed several. But I can't wait to actually sit down and work on her book. I have been keeping a date book with all sorts of info on her and the other kids so it will be nice to get it all together and on their pages. So I am hoping to get a few pages done the next couple of weekends. But until then here is my son's 13th birthday card...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A car accident!

Can I say more...yes. I was in a car accident and destroyed my husband's car. I can't even believe that I got into a car accident but I did. And even though I have never been in accident with another car, I am shocked by this one. It is really sad when people don't pay attention especially when doing 60mph and switching lanes. I don't want to talk about it too much but it was really scary! Really scary!! My hand still hurts, and my neck too but I am taking something for it. I have gotta go to the hospital tomorrow and have it checked again (maybe it will be taken out of the splint or maybe I will need a cast?) My hand does hurt bunches and that is why I haven't been on here, although this happened to happen last week on the day of my class at my local scrapbook store. I am so upset my the whole thing. And am praying that all will work out and the person that hit me truly does have insurance. Although MN is a no-fault state, I don't want this on our insurance. But we will see. So I will check back in later and I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And don't forget to hug and kiss those that you love because you never know! Smile, Tracy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well I have a minute or two to check in, well that depends on how long the little one sleeps for a nap. My 7yr old is working on his spelling words and my two yr old is sitting here at the desk in my lap. But that is because I am trying to prevent her from attacking the salmon patties that I have cooling for lunch. She loves them!!! I just gotta figure out what we are having besides the patties. I often wonder if other people still eat these? They were something from my childhood that I swore that I would never make for my kids although I liked them, I didn't love them. And just like peanut butter, hot dogs, and roman noodles they went into the do even think about buying them section. Well my kids have friends and other family members who have introduced them to all of the things on that list and of course we have had to buy these things occasionally so that they can have some of them. Well everything except peanut butter because we have 2 that are allergic to it.

So I was checking sites for a dessert that I could make for dinner tonight. We don't have dessert but twice a week but this week my oldest turns 13 so I am breaking the rules a little. I saw a great dessert called Oreo delight on Becky Higgins's site and decided to try it out since I had all the ingredients but I really am questioning the cream cheese and the pudding...that might be a bit too much. But we will see. I usually don't like things that are too sweet and personally I don't care for oreos but my oldest loves them in fact the whole crew loves them. So besides chicken noodle soup (completely from scratch) and cornbread, and a small salad that is what's for dinner. I just hope that it won't be a late one today.

So I have been busy still with the postcard type greeting cards for my husband and a co-worker. Here is what they look like so far for my hubby. They are really simple. A computer generated greeting with a stamped image at the top and some ribbon. I have completed over 60 of them but he wants more. I think I am going to stop at 150. He has way more customers than that and it would take me forever and cost a small fortune to do cards for everyone on his route but we are pushing to do a lot more this year. I was thinking of having the kids help me and paying them for their help (maybe 10-25 cents per postcard) they could easily make some more money for Christmas gifts for each other.

Well I had some other things to share but my times up. So I will check back in and post pictures that I took of the kids in a few days or so.