Sunday, April 10, 2011

ooops...just didn't post this

I just realized that I had not actually published any of the posts that I had drafted the last couple of weeks. Mostly because I was hoping to add photos and all that. But I am glad that I did journal the things that I have been doing and what my plans are for these next few weeks.

I have decided that I am going to document the house and all things house related that I am interested in. I went to both the Potato Barn and the Crowded House. I had been to the Potato Barn several times and I loved their tables but most of the ones that I wanted that could seat 10 were extremely long and even more heavy. But I loved several of them...but then I went to their sister store and took along the family. There was one table that just had caught my eye immediately but I had to walk the whole store to make sure that it was the one that I wanted for sure. And sure enough I am going to be having that beautiful table delivered to our new home. And since they have no way to store it for us until then I special ordered one and it should be in a month which would line up to when we are thinking that the house will be finished.

So here is a photo of the table that I have on order, and I love the color! I like the matching buffet but I am not going to get that because I really don't like the matchy matchy look. I am looking for something that is the color of the stain on top of the table. And I can't believe that the table is so heavy. We will be getting it delivered. I just don't know if it will be to our current rental or to the house.

And I have been checking out glass tiles for the back splash. I love several that I have seen and they have to be special ordered and won't be back in time for them to be installed by the builder but I am somewhat glad about that because we can save by doing them ourselves or even hiring someone to do them. My back splash is multi-colored small square glass tiles. Also the pillows on the chairs on top of the table are going to look great in the family room...just in a bigger size.

Well my shopping for the house is limited to the kitchen really right now because we are saving to get the other things that we want after we move in. Which is the best thing to do unless I find a sell that is just a deal that I can't pass up. I love the legs on that table!

And now for updated photos of the house. We have walls...or at least the beginnings of them. We were told once these were up and painted that things would move along much more faster because My sister came to visit and was here for a whole week. I really wish that she would have brought my nephew but she didn't. He will be coming to stay with us for the summer. I really think that he will love being here and since my sister is considering moving here it will be really nice.
Well onto scrappy news, I actually don't have much to share in that area. I have completed or almost completed 4 pages. I have to finish the journaling and get some great photos since it is now bright enough for photos. It rained yesterday and it was cooler than normal. For the first time since being here I saw snow onto of Superstition Mountains. And it was beautiful, and although I say it was cooler than normal it was still warm enough to go outside with a long sleeved shirt and jeans. I know that this isn't the normal for most people here but we are still loving the fact that it isn't that cold to us. I think it was like 40-50 degrees which is a lot different from the day before when it was 80 and today it is already in the 70s and it is almost 8am. It just reminds me that shortly it is will be really hot in just a few weeks.