Friday, May 6, 2011

Hi everyone. How are you all doing out there in blog land? I hope that you are fine and that you are enjoying the wonderful weather where you are. Well there has been alot of things going on here and I wish that I could say that I have been super busy crafting away the hours but that simply isn't the case.

I don't think that my inspiration is gone but instead I think that because I am dealing with some seriously negative things right now it is so hard to focus on some of the better or happier things like scrapbooking. And of course since I have mentioned it I should let the cat out of the bag but really I just can't right now.

But I can say that I am now really dealing with the lose of my Dad. Its sad because it has been 2 yrs since he passed away but now that these recent events have happened I can truly say that it is making me deal with it.

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and although I called her and spoke with her, I really had a hard time being normal. There is seriously a white elephant in the room and nobody is dealing with it and honestly I don't know how I could at this point in my life. This should have been resolved way before I was born or at least a little after that. I swear...but I have to talk about something else so that is why tonight I am going to be crafting. I don't even know what I am going to scrapbook yet but I am going to get to work on my girl's albums. Plus I really need to complete my other projects and get them turned in.

Oh I can say that I have been couponing a lot more this last couple of weeks. I can't say that I am doing anything like they do on Extreme couponing but I have gotten some amazing deals. It is really nice to hear my hubby say that I am really saving a lot of money on the everyday things and food. So just to let you know in the last three weeks I have gotten 6 free deodorants, almost free pull ups and some free food items. I am not a master at all just yet but I am learning from them and trying to do better. Well I hope to be back to posting within the next few days or so. And hopefully I can find my "normal" again.