Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Her first word....I am just so happy!

I was in the kitchen making sloppy joes and cutting apples for lunch when my littlest one says...Mo...ma! I am so excited. I haven't had any of my other children call me first. And it wasn't a playing with the words...no this was directed at getting my attention because she wanted some more applesauce. So at 7mths she said her first word. I am so excited about it so I had to come and share that with everyone.

On another note, I have slowly been back in my space. My hand still hurts really bad and I really can't do anything about it...well not for a couple of weeks. But it is hopefully going to get better. I can't really type that great either...I am pecking lol lol and I type well over 60 wpm (I used to an Administrative Assistant so many yrs ago and that is how I know my typing speed.) But back to my space...it was a mess! I hate cropping outside of my house because I always take too much and never have exactly what I need when I am working on something specific. But that is one of the hardest parts about classes too...because no matter what I have planned I never have everything although I pack everything. The best part is that it isn't something that I have to worry about for a while. So I unpacked my XXXL bag and started sorting and organizing. At first it looked great because I had cleaned my desk and then I actually unloaded the bag and it once again looked like a storm had come through the space. But it is much better now.

I am working on starting Nya's album since I hadn't even started it. I have been working on pictures in Adobe and I have printed several. But I can't wait to actually sit down and work on her book. I have been keeping a date book with all sorts of info on her and the other kids so it will be nice to get it all together and on their pages. So I am hoping to get a few pages done the next couple of weekends. But until then here is my son's 13th birthday card...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A car accident!

Can I say more...yes. I was in a car accident and destroyed my husband's car. I can't even believe that I got into a car accident but I did. And even though I have never been in accident with another car, I am shocked by this one. It is really sad when people don't pay attention especially when doing 60mph and switching lanes. I don't want to talk about it too much but it was really scary! Really scary!! My hand still hurts, and my neck too but I am taking something for it. I have gotta go to the hospital tomorrow and have it checked again (maybe it will be taken out of the splint or maybe I will need a cast?) My hand does hurt bunches and that is why I haven't been on here, although this happened to happen last week on the day of my class at my local scrapbook store. I am so upset my the whole thing. And am praying that all will work out and the person that hit me truly does have insurance. Although MN is a no-fault state, I don't want this on our insurance. But we will see. So I will check back in later and I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And don't forget to hug and kiss those that you love because you never know! Smile, Tracy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well I have a minute or two to check in, well that depends on how long the little one sleeps for a nap. My 7yr old is working on his spelling words and my two yr old is sitting here at the desk in my lap. But that is because I am trying to prevent her from attacking the salmon patties that I have cooling for lunch. She loves them!!! I just gotta figure out what we are having besides the patties. I often wonder if other people still eat these? They were something from my childhood that I swore that I would never make for my kids although I liked them, I didn't love them. And just like peanut butter, hot dogs, and roman noodles they went into the do even think about buying them section. Well my kids have friends and other family members who have introduced them to all of the things on that list and of course we have had to buy these things occasionally so that they can have some of them. Well everything except peanut butter because we have 2 that are allergic to it.

So I was checking sites for a dessert that I could make for dinner tonight. We don't have dessert but twice a week but this week my oldest turns 13 so I am breaking the rules a little. I saw a great dessert called Oreo delight on Becky Higgins's site and decided to try it out since I had all the ingredients but I really am questioning the cream cheese and the pudding...that might be a bit too much. But we will see. I usually don't like things that are too sweet and personally I don't care for oreos but my oldest loves them in fact the whole crew loves them. So besides chicken noodle soup (completely from scratch) and cornbread, and a small salad that is what's for dinner. I just hope that it won't be a late one today.

So I have been busy still with the postcard type greeting cards for my husband and a co-worker. Here is what they look like so far for my hubby. They are really simple. A computer generated greeting with a stamped image at the top and some ribbon. I have completed over 60 of them but he wants more. I think I am going to stop at 150. He has way more customers than that and it would take me forever and cost a small fortune to do cards for everyone on his route but we are pushing to do a lot more this year. I was thinking of having the kids help me and paying them for their help (maybe 10-25 cents per postcard) they could easily make some more money for Christmas gifts for each other.

Well I had some other things to share but my times up. So I will check back in and post pictures that I took of the kids in a few days or so.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm back on etsy...

I have been wondering if I should list again on etsy since I never really listed my items there before but I had planned on doing it for some time. But then I thought about the fact that I haven't bought anything there and so I don't have any feedback and so I wondered if people would purchase from me. But after thinking about it for a long time, I have decided that it is time to list and see what happens. So I started with my cards. I have listed them so if you are interested and want to get any of the cards that I have created then you can check out my etsy page here

I have only listed some of the cards but I plan on listing more in the next couple of weeks. So far I have the penguin birthday, the golf card,what's cooking, cherry hello, baby boy-sailor card, and the baby girl butterfly cards listed. These are all on my blog in several posts and you can check out my flickr account to see better close-ups.

Monday, November 23, 2009

All about family

Hey everyone it's Monday morning and I am just sitting down for a second to chit chat. I am wondering what I am going to make for dinner the next couple of days that #1 won't cause any leftovers because I will need every piece of space in the frig, #2 doesn't take too long to cook, and #3 is something that we really want to eat. I saw a great recipe for creamy chicken pot pie and might actually try it. Especially since I will be baking some of the pies today and some cookies too. We are planning to have some family over and I can't wait until they get here. It's nice to spend time with family members when you haven't seen them in a long time. But it's even nicer just to see or hear from them in general. That is the best part about Thanksgiving.

Which touches another topic. I just emailed a family member(s) and hope that they understand what I am saying. I just hope that my message is clear. And the same goes for the message that I left on facebook for other family members. I just really feel like sometimes family seems to be so distant from each other for no reason whatsoever. In 2008 I said that I would stay in contact with family just because we are all getting older and our children are all growing up so fast. But that has been one of the hardest challenges, people always seem to be so busy. I will admit that I am always busy but I do call, send cards, and an email is only sent if I can't get through...I hate emailing people greetings. But I do it only in the case of an emergency. But I am hoping for the best from this email.

Well today I have a long day of cleaning planned a long long day (I started at 6:15 this morning). I want to do somehow cleaning, washing,cooking and maybe change my hairstyle all before Wednesday. Maybe it's a bit much, maybe not. I just hope that I can get it all done. The cleaning shouldn't be too hard, the house really isn't messy. I do have scrapbooking stuff all over (the kitchen, living and my bedroom) but that is an easy fix. I have actually started getting my bedroom cleaned out. And I started organizing what I am cooking first and so on. I just have to narrow the desserts I don't think that we need 3 types of pies, 1 cake, a peach cobbler and cookies...or maybe we do? LOL

Have a great day and if by chance that I don't post again soon have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Hug all the family you can and be blessed! Smiles, Tracy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Good Morning...it's Friday!!!

I just had to stop in and chit chat for a few minutes! I have to first say to all the class attendees from last night that the class rocked!! I had a great time and the ladies were patient while I made extra kits while the class was going because we had extra scrappers and we had a great time. It just went a lot better than it could have.

So I will be posting pictures of the cards from the crop so that everyone else can what the cards looked like. I took a pictures but don't like them and since my camera batteries weren't charged completely I couldn't get the right shot! (Note to self it is time to get new rechargeable batteries these have exceeded their effective use stage.)

And there were questions about future card classes, one of the most common questions that I continue to be asked is about diecutting and dies...so I am going to work with Rhonda and see if I will offer some kind of die-cutting class. It would most likely be with the Big Kick/ Big Shot and I would show you how to use dies to make cards using everything from Spellbinder dies to Sizzix and everything in between. I make cards often and many of them, and I can tell you that I use dies for alot of them and they never look the same (unless they have to ;0) ) But I am thinking it would be great to teach tons of other tools too!

So there will be another chance to take the sketch card class again in December and then January's class/classes will be all new cards & sketches and maybe some diecutting as well...so stay turned for more details on that...

On to the family updating now...
Nya is attempting to crawl...well she has had some kind of ear infection/sickness and we will have to make a return trip to the Dr. I don't know why she is sick but I know that she generally isn't happy and isn't sleeping good. The night before my class I had every bit of 30 minutes of sleep seriously I dosed off holding her upright because she doesn't want to lay down and I woke up thinking I had gotten several hours of sleep. That was the first time ever that I had gotten only 30 minutes of sleep and I was praying that I didn't run into something as I drove to and from my class. But I wasn't sleepy at all behind the wheel but I did fall straight to sleep last night and thankfully Nya did too. LeiLani is starting to recognize colors. Well she has been doing that for a few weeks now. We play tell me what color and shape it is game now. I also like that she can look for shirts that match the color of her pants.

I need to take pictures of the kids seriously I haven't in sooo long...even my oldest reminded me that we didn't take our annual end of summer photo.

And the boys are doing great also. My oldest will be turning 13!!! in just a few weeks. I can't believe that I am going to be a mom of a teenager! It is scary but at the same time so ok. I am ready to take that step especially because he has started with some of the teenager attitude already, I think I can easily move into my new role as the enforcer lol lol no not really.

And the youngest son is doing great too. We are still sticking in there with homeschooling. It actually has gotten a lot better. We now understand that we have a set schedule but that doesn't mean that we have to do books all day. We watched a few animal planet shows the other day and I had him then look up details about big cats in the Encyclopedia Britannica he loved that idea. I don't know kids now-a-days use encyclopedias but I can remember looking at them at my Grandma's house when I was really little and I want the kids to have the same experience. We do use the web alot too but it's nice to use books too. Kentrel has been using them for years so it was nice to introduce the idea to LaTrele. He then pulled a few off the bookshelf and sat down. So the last couple of days I have been hearing mom did you know....

Christmas cards this year will be right on time (smiles to the family members that reminded me last year that they got them late lol lol) but I am no longer sending the newsletter. Instead there will be a photo of us and cards. I think the idea of a newsletter is going to be a bit much because I have got to make my hubby's Christmas post cards, his co-worker wants some of them as well, I am doing my card classes and I have a few other orders here and there. I haven't done all my Christmas cards. But I think I only have about 10 more or so to do so they will be hitting the mail the day after Thanksgiving.

I have to take some time this weekend and call Grandma. I haven't really talked to her in about a week. She and I usually talk everyday but she said she would give me some time because I was doing so much. I didn't ask her to but she insisted. I so miss her! I know I am a big baby lol but I love talking to my Grandma and even Ani said she wanted to talk to Grandma. I have plans to talk to her today. Hopefully she answers the phone but if not I will surely call her tonight. Well everyone have a blessed & fun Friday...I am going to take a mini break this weekend and take the kids to a movie this weekend (nothing different) but I am going to try to relax and no notebooks for note taking and order sketching or anything and focus on them...after all they are the reason I do what I do most days. lol

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A calendar /journal/scrapbook

I finally finished the undated monthly calendar/scrapbook/journal. I used a creative cafe 12 tabbed journal and rebound the journal using 1 1/4 o'wires. I also added stamped sheet protectors and a blank monthly calendar so that you can record events and appointments or you can use it as a yearly scrapbook. There are a total of 48 pages (96 front and back), 12 tabbed sections (1 for each month) and 3 sheets of lined paper for each month (36 pgs total).

I used stamps, diecuts, metal charms and lots more to create this unique book. Please check out my flickr to get a closer look at all the pages that I did.

I am just stopping in for a quick update. I know that I have been slacking on the blog posts and I usually am not this bad. But I have been so busy. I am homeschooling and we have been busy learning some new material. And it is going great but it takes a lot of practice. And my 2nd grader still can't really sit down and do his work without me going over things with him and making sure he is actually doing what he is supposed to be doing. I am hoping that this will change.

But I plan on uploading some pictures of the new planner that I completed this week or have almost completed. I have always carried a personal planner (Franklin Covey was my favorite ones) and so when I got the bind it all I decided that I just had to try to make my own versions when I got the chance.

Well I made my own last year. And I have now made one that I am going to list on ebay. I ended up using an actual tabbed journal from Creative cafe (not the planner but the journal) and I love it. And yes I was working on the December daily planner (which I put on hold) but I am loving this one. And I will be taking pictures of it and listing it this weekend or by Tuesday at the latest. I just want some natural light for the pictures and the last couple of days have been so busy I haven't gotten around to the photos. But be on the look out this week.

I am excited, my card class is coming up this week and I have lots of cutting and prep to do for it...but if you are interested in signing up for the class you can do so by contacting the Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul. Here is a link to that site http://scrapbookshopofstpaul.com/.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Just stopping in to say hi...I am busy working on projects for ebay...one of which is an advent calendar for the count down to Christmas. I love this idea and although I say that I am going to list it, I might just sell a few kits. It just looks so cute so far and it's hard to think about parting with it...but who knows?? I am excited, it is only a few days to the card class at the Scrapbook Shop of St.Paul and I can't wait to create the cards with the ladies there. Well I plan on making some really quick cards in the next couple of days to post on here, actually they are some cards for a family member's birthday and so I want to get them done soon. It is so weird that we will be setting a clocks back in just a few days...where did the year go really? But it will be over before we know it.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Card Class Details

Hi family, friends and followers!! It is hard not posting on here but there have been lots of things going on. I don't want to bore you with all the details but I am feeling better again and I am back to work. Well I am getting back slowly. I didn't have any orders to fill last week which gave me a little time to relax and plan the card class and get an idea of what I was going to do.

The first two classes will be on November 5 and 19th and they will start at 6pm. These dates might change depending on interest. I am excited because first of all I am doing one of my favorite themes...Fall/Thanksgiving and also my favorite holiday...Christmas. Yeap you read right,the class has both (actually 4 ) themes.

So you might ask why is this card class different from other card classes and why would you sign up for this one...it's simple, because this class is about learning to use sketches to make any type of card. We all look at card magazines and think the cards are amazing but most of the time we can't figure out how to use that example for another theme. And that is what this class is about. Teaching you how to see a sketch when you look at a card instead of the specific theme the card was made for. I love being able to share this with others and especially at this time of year when so many people are trying to come up with ideas to use for their holiday cards.

So you will get 5 sketches from me that I have created on the computer, and we will make 2 themed cards for that specific season or holiday that is coming up. I also have included a few suggestions of quotes and saying that I have collected for years.

So here is one example of the sketch and the two cards that were created from the sketch.

The above sketch was used to make these two cards. I really hate that no matter how much editing I do sometimes the details just don't show through in pictures...but I am going to add them to my flickr account (which does show alot more details) and my twopeasinabucket gallery. But there maynot be anymore sneak peeks of the cards but I will show anyother work that I do in the meantime.

And just because I forgot to upload one of the final cards that I created for my last order here is that one too...I love making baby cards!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Scrapbooker or Cardmaker?

I love making cards! I truly do and recently I was on my favorite site and there was a thread asking if you are a scrapbooker who makes cards or a cardmaker who scrapbooks? This question is not that easy because I am both. It depends on what I am doing and what I have going on in my life at that time. If I am working on orders for cards, I tend to scrapbook for myself and when I am making premade albums or pages I tend to make cards for myself. But I will say although I love scrapbooking and it is what I started out doing so many many years ago, I do like making cards more. It is more satisfying to sit down and make 5-10 cards in a few hours instead of making one or two pages in a few hours. I scrapbook slowly so a couple of pages could take hours especially considering that I am home with the kids and when they need something I stop scrapbooking and take care of them. That isn't a real issue when making cards because you can stop and start right back up where you were before. Sometimes I loose the mood to do my own pages because of all the interruptions so some pages sit on my desk for weeks before I get them done. But maybe that means that I need to go to a couple of crops every month so I would have uninterrupted time for scrapbooking/card making.

Well I have a card to share with everyone. I love Chatterbox papers (the old ones especially) and I have tons of them but don't use them that often. And I am not sure why because at one point it was the only company that I used products from. But I made a card last night that I thought for a second OMGoodness I want to keep this one for myself. But I am not going to but thought I would share it with you all.

Chatterbox patterned paper, and tag, Martha Stewart transportation stamps (boat). I stamped the boat 4x in the 4 different colors and cut it apart and layered it to make it the colors that I wanted. Ric rack felt-Walmart, Fiskars border punch, Fancy Pants fish pin, Studio G baby stamps (Welcome little one). Glue dots (pop dots used).
Well I am off to get a few hours of sleep and prepare for tomorrow. Goodnight, Smiles Tracy

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today is much better than yesterday the weather is a lot better, the trees are starting to change color but I am ok with it because it truly looks so pretty. Autumn is beautiful but it just ends so quickly here. I was watching the news and heard that it is supposed to be a light sprinkling of snow this weekend...LOL this weekend, seriously? Oh well snow sees to come sooner and sooner each year.

Well I have a few cards to share with you all...I completed the outside of the baby shower invites that I was working on well almost completed them. The greeting still isn't stamped but it will be so picture them with You are invited on the front...

And here is another baby girl card that I made also.

I have been asked to make some Thanksgiving cards and also a few other cards including an engagement card (secret invitation to family and friends) and also some more wedding invites. I plan on uploading most of these to my blog when I have started to work on them...

Also I am still working out the details on the card class. I have to see what products to order and get it all together. Once that it completely done then I will be sharing all the details.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Well I just had to come and check-in ...I have missed posting on here. Well I am feeling somewhat better and I guess that's ok because I have to get back into the swing of things this week anyway. Unfortunately when there is one real income in a family and with the economy being the way that it is and also having a husband who really doesn't like taking off from work...I felt it was time to see how things would go this week. So I am slowly moving back into things.

I don't know how I will be without taking any pain meds all day long but I am going to give it a try since I have to drive my kids around town. Speaking of driving...I was so upset this last weekend because on Friday we went to turn the van on and it didn't do anything...all the lights and the clock came on but it wouldn't start. So my hubby pulled out the van's manual and started to read some things, got on the internet and looked up some thing or any other. And for a few hours on Saturday he removed the starter and then on Sunday he put it in a new one, gave the van a tune-up and changed the oil and filters...and we are up and running again...and the van sounds amazing! I love it when he does stuff like that. I will say that he is my hero! I encouraged him to try to fix it and he completely did it. He does that a lot, the fixing things after I encourage him...and I love that in him. We both were surprised by this one (well he was more than I was) but now I have a van to drive again. I have to find something to do with the kids to get fall pictures because we missed that this weekend.

Well I will be updating later today or tomorrow with pictures of the cards that I am working on as well as some info on what I plan on doing for the Scrapbook shop in the next coming months. I haven't gotten all the details together but I am thinking cards. Maybe holiday cards and providing sketches for creating even more...and a couple other ideas that I have but I have to work out the details. I love creating new things to do for classes and can't wait to share.

I hope you all have a great Monday morning, afternoon and evening...smiles, Tracy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I will not be updating for awhile ( a week or so) because I am currently in the hospital. That stomach virus turned out to be gallbladder stones. So I will be recouping from that and hopefully back up and running sooner than later. Smiles, Tracy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Updates and information

Hello everyone...I am so sorry for not getting back to the blog right away with kit information. But I believe I have emailed everyone who asked me to about kits. (All of those that emailed me and gave their information). I have been a little sick (some kind of stomach virus) it went away and as soon as I ate it started right back up. And it's hard not to eat when you are supplying milk for your little one. But I have tried to do some things. I just can't get the pictures of the kits to reflect all the items in there and I had typed up this long list of items in there but now it is lost somehow? But I do know that there are over 25 sheets of 6x6 papers/cs and that includes October Afternoon, Fancy pants, Cosmo Cricket, 7 Gypsies and more. The price for the kit is $25 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. It also includes a file (for sanding star embossed black magic coordinations cardstock), 1 autumn leaves stamp (back to school stamp pictured below) and all ribbons used in the class example below. I somehow was able to locate one of the pictures of the embellishments but I honestly don't know where the others went...here it is

There are some things that aren't pictured like the apple diecuts that I made for the kits. There are two of those in the kit as well.

If you are interested in a kit, I do have about 5 more available. And will be shipping them within 48 hrs of confirmed payment through paypal. You can email me directly at tracyross98@yahoo.com...

Well I felt well enough to go into my space tonight, and let me tell you it is a mess down there. And I can't seem to figure out where or how to store the kits for upcoming classes and also still have my space organized. I think I need a bookshelf or something. But I was down there with a purpose and I actually did get something accomplished. I am glad that there is actually a couch in the basement because for a little while I had to sit and talk myself into finishing cleaning and creating. I hate being sick. I really do and when I get sick I try my best to stay active so I can forget that I am sick. But here is what I made, it is another card for my current order. I have to create 4 more cards and I am determined to create a card that I haven't done before. Which is hard because I have been making cards forever and there isn't much I haven't done.

Supplies used are bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey's urban prairie patterned paper, 7 Gypsies yellow dot pp, DCWV rub on stitching, MM baby chipboard letters (baby boy collection), AC rub on greetings, ribbon from Walmart, felt butterflies from Heidi Swap, colored jewels/pearls are from Basic Grey also.

And I wanted to finish my post for today with photos of the family at the charity event from this weekend...we had so much fun. I know that if we are still living in MN next year, I plan on really getting together more donations and making shirts and all that...I just can't wait!

I have a few more to share, but just gotta get in the bed...Goodnight everyone. Smiles Tracy

Friday, September 18, 2009

I was watching the news this morning and saw information on a walk for Down Syndrome (the biggest for the twin cities area) and it is for families. I had never heard of this before and I have to say that I just have to participate in it! I immediately called the Down Syndrome Association of MN http://dsamn.org/ and registered. They have tons of things going on but it all is for charity for children with down syndrome and it is a focus on children participating. And the reason why we are participating in this event is really simple...it's all about family. Both living and those who have passed on.

My little sister was born with Down Syndrome and her name was Jasmin Alicia Walton. She
passed away in November of 2004 and I miss her every single day. Although she was my sister, our relationship wasn't of sisters it was much more. She was so much more...and her passing away still hurts but this is something that I can do to celebrate her. She will always be loved....always!

We have another family member also who has down syndrome, our nephew David. He is a very year. I need to make sure that I stop calling him little. I keep picturing him as I last saw him...6 or 7 years old playing with his little cousin (my son). But here a picture of my handsome nephew....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just uploading a quick card I completed for an order today. And to answer a few questions about kits from my class..

Here is a card I created today for an order. I was asked to create a mascot for Alabama but I have no elephant stamps or dies...so what is a girl to do?? How about use other dies to make the elephant. And since he had to be more masculine and not kiddy this is what I came up with...what do you think? This is just a draft, but this is the general idea that I have...

The dies that I used are
QK's pumpkin die KS-0385 and also the exclusive (no longer available) Archiver's hippo die to create the trunk for the elephant...

I have been getting a few questions on twopeas about the mini album class that I am teaching and a couple of requests for the actual album in a kit. I didn't plan on doing it, but since I created it and the class will be this week...once the class has been done, I will make kits to sell here. If you are at all interested and want to be added to the list of people interested in kits please email me at tracyross98@yahoo.com. I am only going to make a # of kits for those interested. Once you email me I can send you a paypal invoice. I only use paypal for online transactions but I will take money orders (this one time, for those that contact me and state that they will be sending a money order) also if that is the only way that you can send payment.
Please don't peamail because I don't want to miss your email about wanting a kit. And the price of the kits will be given along with a picture of everything that is coming in the kit this weekend.
And all the papers will be cut for your convience. If you have any questions please contact me by email and I can get back to you right away (well as soon as I read the email) lol
Now I gotta get off this computer and get some sleep!! Another busy day tomorrow. Smiles, Tracy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summers almost over (boo hoo)

That's what I wish it was! I wish it was a day where there weren't tons of things to do. But of course that's not the case at all. I love that school started but will admit that summers are my most favorite time of the year and it is starting to get dark here a lot earlier. I do love the fall colors and taking great family pictures in the leaves, but fall comes so fast and it's gone just as quick. And we all know what comes after fall. But I will rewind it a little lol lol it was hot today, humid hot. I loved it too! lol lol!!

I actually do have some great stuff to share (other than the weather).... I scrapbooked last night, I finished a page that I had started working on a few weeks ago. I had been planning on getting the rest of the year's scrapbook pages on the actual calendar but only got started on one page when I got distracted with homeschool organization.
But here is the layout that I created
Supplies used for the layout are
Paper: October Afternoon apples cut from the Detours fruit stand, and Cherry Hill's cookie jar strip. Cosmo Cricket's Girl Friday Wednesday graph paper and also the green lined sheet from early bird? unsure of the name.
Embellishments: MM just chillin' boys trims (star ribbon)and glitter brads, pencil brad from Oriental Trading, and Basic Grey button. Jenni Bowlin alpha stickers. American Crafts orange embossing powder.
Diecuts/embossing folders: Coluzzle oval circle, Cuttlebug star embossing folder, Fiskars bracket border punch, Quickutz central park alpha, and Sizzix Wingo Zingo alpha border, and Doodlebug block lowercase alpha (the letter t in to).
Stamps: Star acrylic stamps, small wooden alpha stamps.

It was inspired by a thought that I wanted to use the entire border strip from Sizzix's wingo zingo alpha border. I had been planning on using it for a while but could never get it to work with my previous school year pages and the # of photos but this time it worked out perfectly.
Well I am off to try and get some plans together. I have an upcoming order and I am excited about making baby cards. I also have to make a customized Alabama mascot card. I have the sketch already done and I know exactly where I want to do.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me? Honestly, I have enough to do in any given day, but somehow I continue to volunteer to do something else.

My oldest wanted a school planner and so he wanted me to make one for him. It would have been so much easier to go to Walmart to buy one but it was something that he wanted us to do together. I do have to say that he has tons of notebooks, story books he's made and even a new day runner he found at a local thrift store (yes, he wanted a planner with the money that he got to spend there). He loves to write, and he does great stories but he isn't organized at all. So this is my one millionth attempt to help him in that area.

It was easy to create in MS word (using a table) and then I asked him if he liked it, he gave me some feedback and then headed to bed. Now that is what I should have done too...but instead I headed to the scrap space and picked out stickers, rub-ons, calendar stamps, images and tons more that he could use to create a planner he loved.

So today he picked what he liked and we were working on it all day long. It was the first day in awhile that we actually stayed in. I can't even tell you if it was a nice day or not...it was a planner making day lol lol! I know that I have tons of other things to do and I really should be doing some of them but it was nice to take some time and work on a project with the kids. And now each of them have a notebook/planner or sticker book.

But here is what I made for my oldest... I told him that I would add it here because he just wanted to show it off to everyone.

Besides the word document, everything else was his decision. He did it his way...and it turned out just fine for what he needs it for, but it was hard not to take over and do it the way that I thought it should look. But that is just part of the crafter/Mom in me. LOL

Well that's enough for tonight. But here are some photos of the crew for the family. I swear Nya still looks like my MIA. And she is adorable! All the kiddos have looked like my MIA at first and then they start looking like either my hubby or me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just had to stop in really quick to update. I am a little busy this week trying to do some of the things that I know I need to get done before my oldest starts his online school next week and also still looking for the Saxon math books and now another program that I heard about from a customer. I have purchased some 2nd grade reading and science books from Northwestern Bookstore but I am on the lookout for some more challenging things. I also have contacted a co-op and am hoping to find out about there daily activities that they have for homeschooled children. I am truly excited...

I have also began cutting pages for the mini album class. It is something that I said that I would wait to do (because I don't know how many people will sign up) but I want to be prepared.

I even cleaned up my room today. I would take a picture of it but when I look at it although it is cleaner than it was, it is still a little messy so I won't be sharing that picture of my space just yet. Well not until I have done the class and put up all the stuff that I pulled out for it.

Well I am off to bed...I have an early morning tomorrow. And that includes a 7:30am appt to the dentist.

Family....I will be adding pictures of the kids to the blog again. I guess I never realized (until I was told on facebook) that I don't have any recent pics of the new little one. She is so chubby now. I mean she is no longer that 4lb baby I brought home from the hospital. She was 11 lbs at her last appt (a few weeks ago) so I know she is now at least 13 or more. And she has the chubbest little arms and legs. I think she is so cute. And I have no clue anymore who she looks like? I mean she did look like my hubby's mom and now she looks so different. But be on the lookout for new pictures this week. I will make sure to put all the kids on here so everyone can see them all. Smiles, Tracy

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini sneaks of the album...

I am so excited to be sharing this with everyone...I worked hard on it so all comments would be appreciated. So here it is....
It is a total of 6 chipboard pages & one acrylic page. It also has stamping, embossing, and hand-made embellishments (see the apple on the above photo).
I will upload a couple of more pages for the next few weeks. Also I have started to work on other projects that I am really excited about too. But I am loving this little album. It will be leaving my possession and making it's way to it's new home tomorrow afternoon.
Oh, I am also selling sets of the mini chipboard albums on ebay currently. I have them listed at $16 for a set of four. Which would be $4 an album and which also is really not a lot.
Plus I will be uploading a picture of the entire kit. It is huge. There are several patterned papers, and cardstock colors. I didn't even use half of the items that I have in the kit on the album but they match the cover paper so well that I couldn't limit them.
Also I am have been busy debating on what to take to the store to sell in the garage sell. I am thinking tons of my cards, maybe a few mini albums that I did and never listed.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A quick update just for you all that are waiting to see the mini album that I am working on. I plan on getting photos of it taken this week and have it dropped off at the Scrapbook Shop so that you can stop in and check it out.

The photos won't be upload here for a few days but the newsletter for the store will show some of the first pages. I have to say that I packed this album full of all kinds of things that I loved and even things that I had been wanting to use but never did. I also have to say that I pretty much blew my budget on the class two times over! I mean who could decide between one line of papers or any other. Especially when you drive over 50 miles to get them. But its all worth it! I mean this is how I scrapbook and so I have to get the best items even if it means I have to go outta my way to get them.

Let's see what else is going on? Well I have decided that my oldest is going to attend an online school and he is excited about that. More so than being home schooled by me alone. Don't get me wrong he was excited about being at home and being home schooled but we went and checked it out and knew immediately that it might be better for him. He'll still be home but the best thing is he does all of his work on the computer.

But I picked up some homeschooling items for my younger son and he is excited. I just have to do some research and price checking on getting him into some kind of activity in the day. I don't really know what but something fun. And exhausting...he really needs to burn off some energy!

I just wanted to say something also about a great man who passed away this last week. He was my hubby's uncle. And he was amazing! Honestly. He and I never met in person but he rocked with a capital R! I wish I would have gotten to meet him before he passed away. I am not sure of all the details but I know that he had a long battle with cancer and he passed away when he seemed to be getting better. I can remember one of the first conversations that I had with him and he told me that whatever I was doing to keep it up because he could see that Vele was happy. I can also remember thinking wow he is so down to earth and that he seemed so fun, educated, and silly all in one. I think it's because of the relationship that Vele had with him that I was able to love Vele so easily. Ray was Vele's role model. And there were times when Vele didn't know what to do about a situation and he would pick up the phone and call his Uncle in CA. I cried when telling Vele that he had passed on. He was just a truly amazing person. And Vele truly has been changed by his passing but we know he is in a better place. But Uncle Ray will be missed...Surf on Uncle Ray.... Surf on!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

A really quick update...(oops this was supposed to post on Friday instead of today)

Well I have been working on the school mini album class and it is really coming together. I never work on the cover of an album first so there isn't anything that I can show you just yet (or maybe I can give some other details. But it is a lot of fun so far and it looks really cute. But I will stop teasing you for now ;0).

So here is one little detail that I can share with you... this is a mini tag that will be just before the front cover (I think?? I might do some acrylic there also??) but the front cover will be the bracket shape (the pages will be a few different shapes). But the circle chipboard tag show is embossed and inked which both will be done in the class. And I can't wait until some of the supplies that I need come in so that I can get it all together.

Now some family updating....

I had been in the process of searching for a new school for the boys the last couple of months (well once I got off bedrest) and I hadn't planned on making a choice to leave their current school until all the budget stuff came up and also the No child left behind info. I know that the numbers are based on a low # of students but it just bothers me that their school has been on that list and now is on stage 3. I am a strong supporter of public education but I feel like things aren't getting better. I don't want to get into too much because my boys are doing well but I do wonder if the school is failing and their personal scores are higher than the school are they getting enough? Especially when my oldest is in some grade levels higher than his current grade and still comes home with no homework because he finished it in class. Both his test scores and grades have told me for a while that he needs to be doing something more than what he is. And while visiting my 2nd son's class and meeting with the teacher we began to hear some of the same things then too...he is advanced, he can read at a third grade level (he was in first grade) and so on and so on.

My hubby and I have decided that homeschooling might be the way to go. I am now looking into it and trying to make sure that I do all the legal things to make sure that I can home school them as well as get the best programs for each of them. Plus now that means lots of things will change, and I am trying to be brave lol lol as well as confident that I can continue to give them what they need. It's scary but exciting, maybe it's more intimidating than anything because I started to second guess that I could do this and still have my sanity. After all them heading off to school was a great thing. But now they will be with me A-L-L day long A-L-L year long. I hope we will survive it!

We have worked with homeschooling materials for years that I got from a neighbor but I am going to have to get the best materials available. So my search for that has begun. And although I say that I will home school them, I still haven't written my letter of intent to the Principal. I called her to today and she began to tell me how she will miss us and how she knows that the boys are going to do great.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mini album madness!!!

The album is done and I am so finished with it...ok I might add some more ribbons but here are some of the pictures for it. I am trying to list it on ebay but keep getting kicked out?? That has never happened before but the error says it has something to do with ebay's gallery? So whenever that is up and running I can list it and you all can bid on it.

Well here are the pictures of it...I am so excited about the album but at the same time I am going to hate to see it go. It has tons of my favorite papers and embellishments on it but it needs a home where it can be loved and used! I am thinking that with all the stuff that I have left over I could surely make another two of these, but I don't know?

The front cover is embossed (the white circles) and painted (the red). I added tons of ribbon and still think that I need to add some more yellow to the album?

You can get more details about the pages and products I used here... I can't upload all of them because my new little one is fussy right now, she just got 2 month old shots!
Also here is the link to the actual auction

Thursday, August 6, 2009

What an exciting day!

Today truly was exciting. I was so glad to be able to meet with Rhonda and discuss me becoming a teacher for The Scrapbook Shop... And of course I am going to work there! I can't wait to get started on the class mini album project that I have planned!

The summer album is complete, minus so minor details that I just gotta do! So when that is complete I will be listing it and getting tons of pictures of it added to the blog. I have tons of things that I have to get done in the next couple of weeks. But it is all great and fun things to do... and to give you some ideas of some of the things that I have been working on, I redid the cherry hello card. The first version was ok, but buttons really made it look much better. So here is a little look at the redone version...
Also I wanted to add that Rhonda (the owner of the store) is so nice! I have worked as a teacher before and had to work in the box, but this seems like I will be able to be completely creative. And that is what I love! Plus the store is one of the greatest (despite the long drive...lol) because it has some of the most unique items available. You can get tons of hard to find, completely unique and wow I would have never used that on a scrapbook items there. You should check it out if you ever get a chance! Here is the site http://www.scrapbookshopofstpaul.com/
I hope everyone is having a great day! ;0) Tracy

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Summer mini album (under construction)!!

I wish I had an under construction banner or some type of clipart that said that because that is how my desk looks right now. It is a mess! I have tons of things out because I have started making this super cute summer mini album that I plan on selling on ebay. I am also thinking about making some kits of the album as well. I love the colors and the embellishments and even the diecuts that I have been making. I would take a photo but someone would surely think I kept a messy house if I took a photo of that space! lol lol lol

I am going to start showing pics of the album later this week. I don't want to give the entire book away before I completely finish it (like I do with so many other projects). But I could share some of the names of the products that I am using on it...so far I have used Basic Grey's lime rickey papers and buttons, Chatterbox, Fancy Pants, Making Memories, Cosmo Cricket (the kitchen line...love it!), WRMK, and Creative Cafe. And tons of Quickutz, Bosskut, Spellbinders and Sizzix dies which I backed most of them with chipboard.

But I am hoping to finish it up by Wednesday and have it listed on Thursday. But if you have been following my work, I always seem to find a way to make products that I am creating just to list more complicated. I never can walk away from it when I say that it is done. This isn' t an issue when creating custom work for a specific customer because I have pictures or themes set, but that isn't the case for this mini album. It takes more time to make something that anyone could use instead of something specifically for a person. So far I have been working on this mini album for about 17hours (or a period of 2.5days) and I am a little over half way done.

But be on the look out for pictures of the mini album...I am off to get some dinner!

Friday, July 24, 2009

A card for an older boy...

I was looking through my cards and realized that I had no cards for friends on my son. And we recently went to a graduation party of a family member and I thought as I bought a $6.25 card, that I need to get to making some older themed cards. So earlier this week I went through all 5 shoe boxes of cards that I have and made sure that all were in their correct tabbed section, and teen/older boy cards didn't have any in there. So I am going to make a couple of the same cards (maybe?? not exactly sure of this yet) just changing the theme a little here and there.

So here is the first card that I made....I HATE IT! Seriously I do. It was like I couldn't get the process going right and then things just didn't seem to look good together and finally I just put some stuff down and here is what that looks like...

But after going to the park with the kids and having a good night's rest, I came up with this card. I like this one much better but it still isn't there just yet. The metal pieces don't really match but I guess that's ok? I guess? It's hard to match anything with the metal football/basketball because it is a really weird aged colored embellishment.

But here are the supplies and some general info on the card.

Supplies: 2nd card...Karen Foster mini metal sport charms(I believe), metal photo corner (unknown),Cuttlebug embossing folder-Happy Birthday, Martha Stewart border punch,Diesel classic alpha (MVP) cut from chipboard and then kraft colored cardstock and faux stitiching added.Fancy Pants fall ribbon, and misc buttons from my stash.
The only difference between the first and second card supplies is that I inked the MVP with Chestnut Roan chalk ink, added pop dots, distress the yellow mat with Heidi Swap's distress tool and added white paint mixed with Chestnut Roan ink to the red mat....(oops I used the same paint combination on both cards. )

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another quick card...

I just wanted to post my card that I completed this am...it is inspired by another card makers sketch and the color challenge was from hero arts blog. The challenge was to use red and green together. I love those colors but most of the time it's hard to make cards with those colors without it having a Christmas feel to them...and since I refuse to make Christmas cards (although Christmas in July is everywhere right now) I pulled out some of those Quickutz dies (Cherry KS-0797) that I just hadn't done anything with. I love the end result! What do you think?? It's a Cherry hello...
my batteries are charging for my camera so I decided to scan the card. The only problem with that is there isn't any side views available. The A, and hello are handwritten by me. I guess now that I look at it I could have made them a little straighter.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

What's Cooking?? Cards that's what...

I have been a little busy making cards these last couple of days. I really am loving the idea that I am using up supplies that I have had forever and papers that I hadn't touched because I was saving it for something special. What's more special than a card just for no reason or one just for your special day?

So I wanted to take a moment to upload the 4 of the 8 cards that I did...hope you get inspiration from them. I love the papers that I used and was glad that I finally used some of that special stash. These cards have stamped images...

but these cards have absolutely no stamping at all. The images are actually diecuts that I have embellished to make them work for this card. I have had this apron forever (from Quickutz) and I had only used it once before (to send some aprons to a fellow scrapper) and I had these saying forever to use on cards. Then I saw a fellow scrapper use stamps that had an apron and something else and I decided that it was time to break out all those sayings and dies and get busy. And so I did. (Supplies; Qk apron, BBQ dies and swirls goosebumps folder, and Bosskut oven mitt, and Spellbinders labels and scalloped rectangle dies. We R Memory Keepers papers, blue gingham ribbon is MM, and red ribbon is unknown, the what's cooking was created with American crafts rub-ons (purkey), and Tim Holtz tea dye distress inks.)

Here is a close up of the diecuts. I have plans to make several cards in the next month using only diecuts and stickers/rub-ons and misc supplies. Just to prove that it can be done! I am hoping that I will have enough time to upload all the pictures of them.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before but I usually spend the summer making cards because it is something that I usually don't do at all in the fall/winter. So most of my posts will be about them. And I will have to eventually start working on scrapbook pages again (sooner than later,especially because I have a new little person to scrapbook). I even plan on creating a couple of fall themed albums again for ebay/etsy...so be on the lookout. The last one sold as a buy now and it was sold in a matter of hours.
Here is a link to the post that had the album in it
please note that any links to old ebay sells are no longer active. And ebay removes them after they are sold (I believe 90 days from when the sold).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A quick update on a busy week

Well it's been a little busy around here. I am sure you all have tons going on too! I am learning new "routines" this week. I am trying to really learn what is going to work and what isn't. So far I have a lot of isn'ts lol lol. But I have tons of things to share. I have some really great pics of us as a family for the 4th of July.
Here are a couple....

I have no idea why Vele wanted to hold the Nya like this but oh well the picture is still cute ;0)
And here is one of us as a family. I have tons of editing to do to the other pictures so I decided to add these few before its been a month since the 4th and I haven't shared anything.

Oh and if you ever wonder what's for dinner on the 4th, it can range from one bbq'ed item to the next, some summer salads...but the night always ends in fireworks and a jello cake. And every year we have people over but this year at the last minute that changed...but the cake still was awesome. Here is a picture of that...oh the icing isn't icing at all, that's coolwhip!

And early in the week was my most awesome person in the world's birthday...my hubs! He turned 33 and it was nice but he worked that day (so he could have his floating holiday be Friday and have a 4 day weekend)...But here is the card that I made for him.

I am just so glad that he is finally my age because it was getting old to here him say something about my age whenever he could. lol lol.
Also I plan on making some other cards soon. I have collected some great sayings and can't wait to actually use them on a page.

And also since I have done anything relating to cooking in awhile. I just had to say that I tried a recipe that was on a fellow scrapbookers site. I really liked how it turned out. We had it for dinner last night and I want to thank Amy G for sharing it...check it out! It is awesome!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi family and friends...

I hope all is well for everyone?!! We are doing ok (or at least that is what I am striving for right now)...It is really hard to adjust to lack of sleep and trying to function as normal. I was just thinking oh my goodness how in the world did I do this before, sleep for 2 or 3 hours maybe a night and then turn around and drive Vele to work at 5 am or 6:30am and then drive the kids to school. I thank God truly that I didn't kill all of us! But at least I am not driving this time around.

So enough about, that let's see what can I share...oh we went to the park a couple of weeks ago and at first I just sat and took pics of everyone. It was such a nice day that I forgot that I only had been out of the hospital the weekend before...but I was quickly reminded that I should have not done what I was doing...Vele even got the picture! And this wasn't planned at all.

I also want to say in my defense, that I just wanted to have fun with my family. I completely forgot that I just had a c-section . Secondly, although this was my 3rd c-section it was not an emergency one and I actually felt better so of course when you feel better, you try to do normal things...I just really didn't expect for something so simple to hurt so bad. And although it looks like I am laughing I really was terrified once the motion/gravity started and the pain kicked in I realized that holding the slide wouldn't help so I let go...thank goodness for pain meds! I surely took them that night.

Here are a couple of pictures of the crew at the Doctors office, I have had to go in a couple of times (due to complications, not the related to the slide-lol lol) but I decided to get some quick pictures of the family together. I don't have any idea why LeiLani is smiling the way that she is, it has become her "new " face. She has been doing this now whenever I am trying to get a picture of the two girls together.