Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hi everyone, I just wanted to stop in and let you know that I will not be updating for awhile ( a week or so) because I am currently in the hospital. That stomach virus turned out to be gallbladder stones. So I will be recouping from that and hopefully back up and running sooner than later. Smiles, Tracy

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Updates and information

Hello everyone...I am so sorry for not getting back to the blog right away with kit information. But I believe I have emailed everyone who asked me to about kits. (All of those that emailed me and gave their information). I have been a little sick (some kind of stomach virus) it went away and as soon as I ate it started right back up. And it's hard not to eat when you are supplying milk for your little one. But I have tried to do some things. I just can't get the pictures of the kits to reflect all the items in there and I had typed up this long list of items in there but now it is lost somehow? But I do know that there are over 25 sheets of 6x6 papers/cs and that includes October Afternoon, Fancy pants, Cosmo Cricket, 7 Gypsies and more. The price for the kit is $25 plus $4.95 shipping and handling. It also includes a file (for sanding star embossed black magic coordinations cardstock), 1 autumn leaves stamp (back to school stamp pictured below) and all ribbons used in the class example below. I somehow was able to locate one of the pictures of the embellishments but I honestly don't know where the others it is

There are some things that aren't pictured like the apple diecuts that I made for the kits. There are two of those in the kit as well.

If you are interested in a kit, I do have about 5 more available. And will be shipping them within 48 hrs of confirmed payment through paypal. You can email me directly at

Well I felt well enough to go into my space tonight, and let me tell you it is a mess down there. And I can't seem to figure out where or how to store the kits for upcoming classes and also still have my space organized. I think I need a bookshelf or something. But I was down there with a purpose and I actually did get something accomplished. I am glad that there is actually a couch in the basement because for a little while I had to sit and talk myself into finishing cleaning and creating. I hate being sick. I really do and when I get sick I try my best to stay active so I can forget that I am sick. But here is what I made, it is another card for my current order. I have to create 4 more cards and I am determined to create a card that I haven't done before. Which is hard because I have been making cards forever and there isn't much I haven't done.

Supplies used are bazzill cardstock, Basic Grey's urban prairie patterned paper, 7 Gypsies yellow dot pp, DCWV rub on stitching, MM baby chipboard letters (baby boy collection), AC rub on greetings, ribbon from Walmart, felt butterflies from Heidi Swap, colored jewels/pearls are from Basic Grey also.

And I wanted to finish my post for today with photos of the family at the charity event from this weekend...we had so much fun. I know that if we are still living in MN next year, I plan on really getting together more donations and making shirts and all that...I just can't wait!

I have a few more to share, but just gotta get in the bed...Goodnight everyone. Smiles Tracy

Friday, September 18, 2009

I was watching the news this morning and saw information on a walk for Down Syndrome (the biggest for the twin cities area) and it is for families. I had never heard of this before and I have to say that I just have to participate in it! I immediately called the Down Syndrome Association of MN and registered. They have tons of things going on but it all is for charity for children with down syndrome and it is a focus on children participating. And the reason why we are participating in this event is really's all about family. Both living and those who have passed on.

My little sister was born with Down Syndrome and her name was Jasmin Alicia Walton. She
passed away in November of 2004 and I miss her every single day. Although she was my sister, our relationship wasn't of sisters it was much more. She was so much more...and her passing away still hurts but this is something that I can do to celebrate her. She will always be loved....always!

We have another family member also who has down syndrome, our nephew David. He is a very year. I need to make sure that I stop calling him little. I keep picturing him as I last saw him...6 or 7 years old playing with his little cousin (my son). But here a picture of my handsome nephew....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just uploading a quick card I completed for an order today. And to answer a few questions about kits from my class..

Here is a card I created today for an order. I was asked to create a mascot for Alabama but I have no elephant stamps or what is a girl to do?? How about use other dies to make the elephant. And since he had to be more masculine and not kiddy this is what I came up with...what do you think? This is just a draft, but this is the general idea that I have...

The dies that I used are
QK's pumpkin die KS-0385 and also the exclusive (no longer available) Archiver's hippo die to create the trunk for the elephant...

I have been getting a few questions on twopeas about the mini album class that I am teaching and a couple of requests for the actual album in a kit. I didn't plan on doing it, but since I created it and the class will be this week...once the class has been done, I will make kits to sell here. If you are at all interested and want to be added to the list of people interested in kits please email me at I am only going to make a # of kits for those interested. Once you email me I can send you a paypal invoice. I only use paypal for online transactions but I will take money orders (this one time, for those that contact me and state that they will be sending a money order) also if that is the only way that you can send payment.
Please don't peamail because I don't want to miss your email about wanting a kit. And the price of the kits will be given along with a picture of everything that is coming in the kit this weekend.
And all the papers will be cut for your convience. If you have any questions please contact me by email and I can get back to you right away (well as soon as I read the email) lol
Now I gotta get off this computer and get some sleep!! Another busy day tomorrow. Smiles, Tracy

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Summers almost over (boo hoo)

That's what I wish it was! I wish it was a day where there weren't tons of things to do. But of course that's not the case at all. I love that school started but will admit that summers are my most favorite time of the year and it is starting to get dark here a lot earlier. I do love the fall colors and taking great family pictures in the leaves, but fall comes so fast and it's gone just as quick. And we all know what comes after fall. But I will rewind it a little lol lol it was hot today, humid hot. I loved it too! lol lol!!

I actually do have some great stuff to share (other than the weather).... I scrapbooked last night, I finished a page that I had started working on a few weeks ago. I had been planning on getting the rest of the year's scrapbook pages on the actual calendar but only got started on one page when I got distracted with homeschool organization.
But here is the layout that I created
Supplies used for the layout are
Paper: October Afternoon apples cut from the Detours fruit stand, and Cherry Hill's cookie jar strip. Cosmo Cricket's Girl Friday Wednesday graph paper and also the green lined sheet from early bird? unsure of the name.
Embellishments: MM just chillin' boys trims (star ribbon)and glitter brads, pencil brad from Oriental Trading, and Basic Grey button. Jenni Bowlin alpha stickers. American Crafts orange embossing powder.
Diecuts/embossing folders: Coluzzle oval circle, Cuttlebug star embossing folder, Fiskars bracket border punch, Quickutz central park alpha, and Sizzix Wingo Zingo alpha border, and Doodlebug block lowercase alpha (the letter t in to).
Stamps: Star acrylic stamps, small wooden alpha stamps.

It was inspired by a thought that I wanted to use the entire border strip from Sizzix's wingo zingo alpha border. I had been planning on using it for a while but could never get it to work with my previous school year pages and the # of photos but this time it worked out perfectly.
Well I am off to try and get some plans together. I have an upcoming order and I am excited about making baby cards. I also have to make a customized Alabama mascot card. I have the sketch already done and I know exactly where I want to do.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me? Honestly, I have enough to do in any given day, but somehow I continue to volunteer to do something else.

My oldest wanted a school planner and so he wanted me to make one for him. It would have been so much easier to go to Walmart to buy one but it was something that he wanted us to do together. I do have to say that he has tons of notebooks, story books he's made and even a new day runner he found at a local thrift store (yes, he wanted a planner with the money that he got to spend there). He loves to write, and he does great stories but he isn't organized at all. So this is my one millionth attempt to help him in that area.

It was easy to create in MS word (using a table) and then I asked him if he liked it, he gave me some feedback and then headed to bed. Now that is what I should have done too...but instead I headed to the scrap space and picked out stickers, rub-ons, calendar stamps, images and tons more that he could use to create a planner he loved.

So today he picked what he liked and we were working on it all day long. It was the first day in awhile that we actually stayed in. I can't even tell you if it was a nice day or was a planner making day lol lol! I know that I have tons of other things to do and I really should be doing some of them but it was nice to take some time and work on a project with the kids. And now each of them have a notebook/planner or sticker book.

But here is what I made for my oldest... I told him that I would add it here because he just wanted to show it off to everyone.

Besides the word document, everything else was his decision. He did it his way...and it turned out just fine for what he needs it for, but it was hard not to take over and do it the way that I thought it should look. But that is just part of the crafter/Mom in me. LOL

Well that's enough for tonight. But here are some photos of the crew for the family. I swear Nya still looks like my MIA. And she is adorable! All the kiddos have looked like my MIA at first and then they start looking like either my hubby or me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just had to stop in really quick to update. I am a little busy this week trying to do some of the things that I know I need to get done before my oldest starts his online school next week and also still looking for the Saxon math books and now another program that I heard about from a customer. I have purchased some 2nd grade reading and science books from Northwestern Bookstore but I am on the lookout for some more challenging things. I also have contacted a co-op and am hoping to find out about there daily activities that they have for homeschooled children. I am truly excited...

I have also began cutting pages for the mini album class. It is something that I said that I would wait to do (because I don't know how many people will sign up) but I want to be prepared.

I even cleaned up my room today. I would take a picture of it but when I look at it although it is cleaner than it was, it is still a little messy so I won't be sharing that picture of my space just yet. Well not until I have done the class and put up all the stuff that I pulled out for it.

Well I am off to bed...I have an early morning tomorrow. And that includes a 7:30am appt to the dentist.

Family....I will be adding pictures of the kids to the blog again. I guess I never realized (until I was told on facebook) that I don't have any recent pics of the new little one. She is so chubby now. I mean she is no longer that 4lb baby I brought home from the hospital. She was 11 lbs at her last appt (a few weeks ago) so I know she is now at least 13 or more. And she has the chubbest little arms and legs. I think she is so cute. And I have no clue anymore who she looks like? I mean she did look like my hubby's mom and now she looks so different. But be on the lookout for new pictures this week. I will make sure to put all the kids on here so everyone can see them all. Smiles, Tracy