Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school lunches and supplies

Well I just had to stop in and say hi for those still sticking around checking out this blog ever so often. I have been busy working on new schedules for the kids since school just started. And honestly I really feel awesome when plans comes together so smoothly.

I can't believe that washing fruits and veggies and packing into snack baggies on Sunday night makes such a big difference in having lunches ready on time during the week. I really love making things run so much more smoothly for our family. And one of the things that I am starting to realize is that I'm really good at making those systems work well for us.

On another note, My daughter came home from first grade with a piece of scrapbook paper and a note saying that they were going to have a classroom scrapbook and that she needed to do a scrapbook page for the book. I loved the idea but immediately began to think that I didn't want to over help her with the project. And that was my original plan going in and I stuck to that but working on that page with her really made me want to get some school pages done for our albums. So for the next few weeks I will be printing photos from last year and getting them onto scrapbook pages.

So since we are talking about school... here is a photo of our family's school supply stash. And before you say we have a ton of stuff please remember that we have 4 children to have a stock for the entire year for as well as a husband who often takes college classes to check is computer training up to date.
Well I hope that everyone is getting really good deals on school supplies.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Random things...

Just stopping by to check in. I think that right now I'm all over the place on what I like to do so there has been very little scrapbooking. And the scrapbooking that I have done I can't upload it because my laptop to a crash. And it is literally in pieces. It took a lot for me not to break down and cry about it. Mostly because when it fell off my bed, it had my memory card in it and it also was damaged. So I am adjusting to being a 2 computer, no laptop home. And honestly that means that I actually am on the computer a lot less, first because the computers are in the office and although I'm in the office a lot, I'm usually sitting at my desk and not at the computer desk because hubby or one of the boys are usually on the computer. Besides all that I just mentioned doesn't even compare to the issue that the photos that I take now will not actually be able to be edited because my laptop had Adobe PS on it and although I have the key code, I can't add it to either of our main computers because I had already added it to 2 other computers.

So this adjustment is going to be hard for awhile. Well at least until around Christmas when I'll most like be able to get another laptop maybe? But I have also started to focus on other things besides scrapbooking. Like make-up and fingernails. I have had long nails for years but cut them off always when have a newborn or a toddler around. But since the youngest are girls, I have to comb their hair and longer nails can lead to an accidental scratch while braiding hair. So I have kept them short for the last two years. And I have decided that I can grow them back out. But also that I want to do nail art too. So for the 4th of July I painted my nails red, white and blue.
My nails aren't long but here is a photo of one of left hand that I painted for the holiday. The more I look at them now, it actually reminds me of Wonder woman instead of the 4th of July.

And my nails are actually longer than they were on the photo now.

I have also been more into hair and trying to finds the right balance of product for the girls so that they can wear their hair down. LeiLani (my oldest of the girls) has been asking about her hair being down and how much she wishes that she could wear it like mine. But we have 2 different hair types and really her hair is a lot thicker than mine and it seems to look dryer no matter what I do to it. But I am determined to find the perfect product for her. Cause the whole point to having hair that is natural and beautiful honestly is to be able to wear it down.

Here is a picture of her wearing it down for the 4th of July.  She wouldn't smile so that the oldest could take her photo.

And here is a photo of my baby (who isn't really a baby) wearing her hair down as well.

The other thing that is the issue for me is that their hair seems to be white for a long time. And I still haven't figure out how exactly to be able to eliminate that. Especially since I am looking for a year round hair product for them. It was so much easier to do their hair in MN because the water wasn't so salty and their hair never seemed as dry it is now in the desert. But this has been an ongoing learning process and I'm hoping that sooner than later the perfect product for each of them will come along.

Well I'm excited and sad at the same time because our summer break is coming to a close almost faster than it began. In fact the kids have less than 2 weeks left of the break and I am starting think about how much I will miss them while they are at school. Well until next time. Smiles, Tracy