Monday, November 29, 2010

Well I will be posting a photo of my Thanksgiving journal page later today. It is not completed (the photos aren't printed yet) but the journaling is done and the cards that the family wrote on stating what they are thankful are done.

I haven't posted in the last week because I have been resting...I broke my foot, the right one to be exact. And 3 toes. It has really been difficult not be able to really get around like I would like to and of course the kids have been loving that mom isn't really able to get around and check on things like chores and if rooms are clean as they should be.

I told my husband that the next person that asked me how I broke it or what happened I was going to tell them that I was training for a marathon or mountain climbing...but I really broke it by getting out of bed. Seriously. I didn't stub it on anything but instead I slipped and my right foot's toes just bent back under my feet and that's how you end up with a fractured bone in your foot and 3 broken toes (one was dislocated at first and once they "put" it back it was shown to be broken as well).

So tomorrow I hoping to get some pictures of the pages that I have done so far in my holiday journal only Thanksgiving isn't completed, and then I will upload them here. Have a great day...and don't break anything!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Well let's see what to tell, what to tell? I have just about finished all the frames for the girl's room. They have 6 frames in all, and 4 of them are up with photos including the canvas. I have one more canvas to finish and then it goes up. But I have no idea what to do with the last frame? It's bigger and I am thinking of swapping out the family picture frame and putting a mini scrapbook page in that frame using the family picture from this year.

The boys' room isn't so easy. I have been searching for the "right" type of maps. And I think what I might have to do is take photos of maps that I like and take them somewhere and blow them up. And then I have to start working on their framed photos. I also decided that instead of a bulletin board on each side of the room that I will create my own version of curtain wirer so that they can hang things that they like. I picked up some floral wire and I am looking for a bunch of binder clips in different colors (well until they really decide on a color) so that I can put the binder clip's arms through the wire and hang them on the wire so that they can clip on whatever they want. I figured that might look better than a bulletin board too.

I still want an ikea expedite for the dinning area. I want to store our scrapbooks there, right now they are still sitting in a box (the very last box to unpack) and I have a bunch of them also on a small self that the printer is sitting on. Let's just say that the self isn't going to make it for lol those books are taking over! So this weekend Vele wants to hit garage sells to see if we can "find" one being sold that way. I guess I am not too concerned about if we find one or not because there is always IKEA.

But onto scrappy matters. My holiday journal is coming along really nicely. I have been working on it on and off since my last post. I don't plan on labeling my pages with dates ahead of time, because I know that there are already some pages that I am going to want to maybe switch around. But I thought about some dates that I wanted to make special pages for so I have labeled those. For instance the 1st,3rd,9th,16th of December are family members' birthdays so we have those days themed for that in a sense. But I made sure to really make the 3rd be special since that is my son's birthday. He will be 14yrs old. I am so excited because he is getting older but at the same time I see everyday that he is becoming a young man everyday...maybe it's the mustache he has over his top lip or the fact that he is standing over me by at least 4 inches now...but this is all signs that he is growing up...sigh!

Ok the book, sorry I completely got off topic. Here is the cover as it is now. I am thinking of adding a reindeer on top of the label as if he is peeking from behind it. I am also thinking of doing the same thing with a little turkey die too. Since this is for Thanksgiving to Christmas. My pictures aren't the best. I took these this morning in between lunch and storytime.
On December 3rd I used transparency and so I embossed three different star stamps that I had. I then painted around the boarder with red and metal/silver paint mixed. The end result is really nice. I really do like it. The hole re-enforcements were plain with and then I stamped them with red mini stars. I am going to do that for several of the pages. I have pulled out mini mistletoe, tree, and snowflake stamps to use.
And then here is the envelope that I am going to use for journaling about him getting older. And also another page for Dec 3 for any additional pictures. I like that I went with stars instead of a cake or something because if I decide to make this one page for Dec 3, I can just move this page to another day.And here is a glimpse of some of the other pages that I have made so far. Dec4 is a 2 pocket album page from an old photo album that I took apart to do another project and I had several others left over. The long piece (holiday fun) is another envelope. I had stitched the cream papers (which are the back of a memo type pad I got for 49cents from lss garage sale).
This project is turning out to be fun. I mean really scrapbooking without any reason behind it other than to just have fun hasn't been done by me for awhile. And I am glad that I decided to go ahead and do this project although I thought it would be too much work. It is just so fun to play again. I have tons of stuff out everywhere and since I really don't have storage that isn't such a great thing but I am having fun right! LOL...until we chat again. May you have a blessed day, evening, night or morning!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holiday journal

I woke up today determined to get things done around here. And so that is what I have been doing. The girls room has move artwork on it. And the boys bullentin board is decorated and hung. I can't wait until my oldest gets home so that he can see it. But I also got to thinking about this holiday journal/scrapbook. I don't want to call it a daily because it isn't that at all but more about our new holiday season here in AZ.

I am planning on getting information on some places here so that we can get alot done while the kids are on Christmas break. It seems so weird and exciting to be thinking about Christmas and not have to think about snow. But then I also am feeling a little sad that we won't have a first snow...but what can I say. I am a midwest born and raised girl...eventually not having snow would have gotten to me. Right? But I know that it will pass once I start seeing snow photos and layouts of past family outtings.

Well I just wanted to show in pictures some of the progress that I have made so far on the Holiday journal. I think I might start mine from Thanksgiving break forward. It seems that it would fit my family and style better if I did especially since we usually put our tree up after dinner on Thanksgiving day.

First I started with a ceral box as a template of the size that I wanted the album to be. I know that I could have just added up the pieces and did the math...but this is the way I went. I just cut off the one side panel. And there was the beginning of the mini album!

Then I layed out my canvas that I had laying around and cut it about 2 inches around the entire cereal box. I then marked were the spine will be and traced around that. Then I measured 1 inch in on the front and back panels and drew lines were I wanted to add the stitching. I decided half way through the project that I wanted to add x's in the corners of the panels and so I did that also. I will most likely go back and add them so that they are larger.
And here is the finished stitched cover. I love it. I haven't decided if I will just cover the cereal box or use a heavier chipboard base. But if I go with the cereal box it will most likely be flexible enough for me to have some kind of elastic closure. And I haven't glued it down either because I am going to embellish the cover and that will mostly likely be with hand stitching and diecuts and paint also. I am super excited though.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Well I had this wonderful post all typed up and ready to edit...but then my littlest came along and deleted it while I was making lunch...and away it went!

But I do have some truly awesome news...I found our Christmas ornaments and stockings. They were hidden away. So I am glad that those aren't gone. And I keep telling myself not to keep mentioning all the things that are missing and the boxes that went to charity by accident, but it's hard not to now because I have unpacked all the boxes and now know what is missing.

I also have been thinking about doing an album for the month of December.
I think that I really want to do it mostly because I will be able to make some of the handmade journaling blocks and images that I have been wanting to for a long time. I just don't really know how I truly could fit that one thing into my daily life especially around the holiday. But it's becoming something that I would like to try just because I have wanted to do a daily photo for a month for over 10yrs after seeing one of my neighbors photo albums. He wasn't a scrapbooker he just woke up once while in college and decided that he wanted to take a photo of himself everyday. And he actually had the biggest photo albums that I have ever seen (and I am a scrapbooker lol) and he had been doing it for years. Taking a photo with someone, something or whatever he was doing at that time every single day of his life. I looked at it his album once and was truly impressed with the idea. And I thought that I would love to do that one day. So maybe next month I will do just that? I just don't know what I will do or if it is the fact that I haven't really gotten to craft like I did in our old house and that is starting to make me want to do something to get back into the groove...but we will see.

Friday, November 5, 2010

A quick update. I know I am off by a couple of days with my blogging schedule. But I have good reason. I have been a painting sista! But to be honest I am not even close to being done either. But I wanted to stop in and show off some of the projects because there is just so many things to share.
Ok, I have said it a bunch of times that this place is only temporary but I couldn't live here for a few months or so without having something that made it feel a little like home for us. And since I can't paint the walls or even buy all the furniture for the house that we are going to be living in until we get into it...I am going to make it a comfy as I can with what I can get for cheap.

So here is what the girls' room looks like was you are entering...

I got those curtains at Savers for $3.99 a panel. And I bought two other ones because when we move I want these to come with us. I am hoping that their room won't have more than 2 windows or I will be in some serious trouble lol. You can also see the dresser from the side. It has a ton of items that I got while hitting garage sells this last couple of weeks.

And here are the girls playing on their bed.
We actually have two beds but only put up one because we haven't purchased the mattress for the other one because I want then both to have springs instead of a box spring. Plus they sleep in the same bed together right now and I am ok with that.

The little table will be replaced with a nice night stand or side table that has a drawer that hopefully I will paint to make the dresser. And I have been looking all over the place for material that is really nice to match the colors of their room. The little baby bed thingie next to the bed was purchased at a garage sale as well for $3 and the head and foot boards were purchased at Savers for $10. I got the mattress new. And the wall art was created by the girls and me. It was fun. They wanted to put their hands in paint all day after that was done but it turned out is a close up.
There are buttons, my own home made mists, acrylic paint, ribbons and stitching...all on one painting. But there are going to be other frames added and 2 8x10 canvases of the girls and some other photos. I just haven't gotten around to all that just yet. I have all the materials, just not all the time to get them done just yet.

I also got my desk painted and it is sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I swore I'd never scrapbook in our bedroom again but hey I am glad to get that space cause I have been wanting to do more and not having a "space" was driving me nuts!!! Big time. I will most likely still scrapbook at the dinning room table but only while Vele is trying to get some sleep and I am working on something that I just gotta get done.

I don't know why but I keep forgetting the before and after photos but hey it all turned out nice in the end. But of course I still have a huge to do list for their room as well as the boys and also every other room in this place as well. I can't wait to move into the house so that we can put colors on the walls. I hate white walls! I really do. But if I can I will fill these rooms with so much color that I won't notice that the walls are white. LOL!
I gotta go the girls are screaming (this is how they play) and it is starting to get to me so I know that it has to be bothering someone else.