Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My first speed bump!

Well I had my first speed bump (in this pregnancy) last week. Shortly after my post, I ended up in maternal assessment at Abbott. But all is well. I guess that my version of taking it easy might not have been exactly what the Dr. ordered. But I did explain to him that I really can't afford to be on bedrest...but only time will tell and since this is the first speed bump we are just going to be a little more careful! I will do whatever it is that I have to just to keep this little one in there a little bit longer...ok a lot longer!

But onto something a little more happier! I got to take a mini (very mini) trip to Anchor Paper yesterday (after dropping the kids off at school) and it was so nice to get out of the house alone. Which only last for 30mins but it was nice. And because I can no longer lift LeiLani to put her in the car, she stayed home with Dad who by the way took a few days off (I was impressed cause he never ever ever takes off from work! Ever!!) and so he said you should go there for a little while and scrapbook. Well I can't haul anything around, so I went to look at magazines/card ideas in the store. And there were tons. So I spent all of $2...and came up with a really cute bunny card for Easter. The previous cards will go to my Grandma and Aunt and these will most likely go to the other 5 family members who really don't celebrate Easter in the same way. But they all will have the same bible verse in them.

This card idea took me about 10 mins to put together (sketched at the store) and then I sat down there and cut 10 bunnies. And then I headed back home to put up my feet...and when I got home Vele (my hubby) had made a nice brunch. I was glad to get such a nice treat. He rarely cooks anything but he did today.
But here are the cards that I made...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

26 weeks and counting!!!

I am so excited! I know that making it to26 weeks (pregnant) might not be an accomplishment but to me it is. Almost 7 yrs ago I delivered my 2nd son at 25 weeks and 2 days gestation and I am so thankful that this isn't the case for the fourth.

I am so hoping that my next milestone which is 31 weeks (last pregnancy) is going to be moved past just as uneventful. I am truly believe that this one will go the distance. I really do pray that it will!!! NICU or ICC isn't really an option for our family this time around. (Not that it was then either.)

I have been so blessed because despite all the pain and side effects from the shots; I still feel pretty good for the most part.

Onto scrapbooking! I am so excited to be making a decision to either get the slice or save for a Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter. I want the Silhouette but am not sure that I am really ready to invest in getting one just yet. I then have to get another computer or the Silhouette that takes the SD card because our computer is so far away from my actual space (on another level of our house) that it wouldn't make sense to get one. Or at least not now. But whatever I decide I have to say that I just really am ready to move on to electronic. Not to replace the Big Shot, which right now there isn't a machine that can do it all out there but instead to enhance my current page time. Sometimes it takes me longer to pick a font then to actually put the page together.

So what would your dream machine do? That is a thread that I am off to add over at 2peas!

And to answer the blogger question of the of the things that I have a hard time not adding to my stash even though I have a ton of them are stamps. I mean no matter how much of a spending freeze I am on...I somehow find a way to justify the spending of $5-$10 ever so often to get those darn Michael's Dollar section stamps. I think that considering just how much I use them justifies the purchase but I will admit that I am a sucker for them and pretty much any cheap stamp set. Do wait for most other set that I have to go on clearance (thank goodness for J's clearance stamps!) but I put them on my wishlist and wait until they are priced just right to get them! So stamps are my must have item, and patterned paper comes in as close second!

Have a great day!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A page and a card!

I made a quick page for my wall calendar (May 2009 calendar page). It was really a simple page and I made one big mistake...I started journaling in the wrong shade pen and so I went over it and did the rest in the color that I really wanted to use.

But all supplies have been in my stash forever and ever! I decided that since I had so many chatterbox patterned papers and that I rarely use them now I needed to pull them out and use them. I also used both Quickutz (the monkey die) and also Sizzix dies (the words are done in doodlebug block lowercase and Boys will be boys).

And also a really quick card that I made for my Aunt... Don't look Aunt Betty! LOL
But it was one of the most fun cards that I have made in a while because it was a new to me kind of card. I have always made A1 size cards and rarely anything else. But this card is a long card that actually fits inside a letter size envelope. I liked making this so much that I think that I am going to make a few more of these soon.

On another note...we finally found out that our oldest got into a program that he has been wanting to get into but wasn't in the right grade (has to be entering 7th grade) and he made it in. It isn't a fun only program and it has a 2 yr commitment. He was accepted in because of his letters of recommendation, GPA, leadership committee and some other things. But it does mean that he will be giving up a month of summer and every other weekend while attending the program! But he believes that it is worth every single sacrifice. It will be an adjustment for us all because we never attend school types of summer programs or summer school. I like offering them fun things to do in the summer since I think that they work so hard all year, and need a break from the routine of homework/studying and writing papers. But I support him in this decision 100% and hope that it is a fun as it sounds.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A quick birthday card...

Well I knew that my nephew's birthday was coming up and I really thought that there had to be a card already in my stash that I could just pull out and use to give him with his gift. Well that wasn't the case. In fact, most of the cards that I had left were either way to little boy-ish or girl cards. So I decided that I needed to make a preteen quick card that wouldn't take too long because I had orders to get in ready to mail.
And that surely didn't work. I ended up spending over 3 hrs just going through orders first and then getting things in stacks for what I plan on working on next. But then I took a small break to get started on the card and an hour and a half later I was finally finished. Everything used is from my scraps in my stash. I have decided that I need to start making cards from just scraps and see what I can come up with.

I have tons of happy birthday stamps but for some reason none of the words were perfect for this little pocket on the front. I plan on putting some $$ in there for him (he is saving to go to camp for boyscouts) so I thought it would be cute to put the pocket on the front.
This card is 100% different than what I had planned. But I do like the end result.

Sassafrass Lass patterned paper
Blue card stock (embossed with CB swiss dots folder),orange and brown cardstock as well.
Studio G ballon and birthday (word) stamps, also old set of wooden circle letter stamps.
Sizzix slobbery kiss alphabet dies, a McGill round tab punch.
American Crafts white Jack Jr side kick rub-ons.
Measuring tape ribbon and Making Memories velvet covered brads (Jack collection).
The pocket is 7Gypsies. And the inks used are Color Box chestnut roan, and robins egg and TH distress ink spiced marmalade. And both square and clear pop dots.
And I used an old pair of deco scissors to make the zigzag border.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Cards for Easter

Well I have been busy in my space for a few hours today. And while in there I decided that I really needed to get started on making Easter cards (so of course those layouts I needed to get done were put on hold yet again).

I wanted to use some of the stash that I had plus some of the newer items that I had gotten too. And these are the fun cards that I came up with...I really love them. And in case anyone wants to know the pp is Making Memories Chloe's closet line that is (or at least I believe it is) exclusive to Michaels' stores. I would have loved to get the matching trim that actually went with the paper but I have tried forever to find it and still haven't had any luck! So of course, I made do.
Oh and you can click on photos to see an enlarged card.
And of course now that I have been working on Spring cards, I can't help but get excited! I can' t wait until we actually start getting spring weather!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Just a few items for sale...nothing handcrafted but still great deals..

Well someone on 2peas informed the message boards members about great deals at Joann Fabrics. But the stamps that we were informed that were 97 cents really weren't here. And although I didn't find this out until I left the store, I decided that I would still list them on ebay. So if you are looking for some of those monthly stamps (specifically Jan, May and June) then check out ebay. I am listing them on there tonight. I am not looking for a profit but I don't feel like driving back to the store to return them. Especially since it is so far away. But I figured that they has to be a scrapper out there that could use them.

So if you are interested here is the listing info



Also I have an Archiver's Exclusive Gift die on there too. I will be going through my dies and most likely getting rid of the ones that I don't use that often. But this is something that I really have to think about because it is hard to let go of dies.

I am so excited because I am planning to scrap this weekend. I have not scrapped in a month ( I have made things but no pages for our albums) so I gotta get to work!