Thursday, June 16, 2011

Quick update

How many posts have I started and not finished this last month...lets just say its at least 10. I think that I am going to go through my posts and delete those but every time I start reading them I think that they are perfect for record keeping. So they still are sitting in my post box and not published.

On to other marks the beginning of the 7 day count down to the day that we actually close on the house. And I am so excited. And I bet you all think that I am packed and ready to move...and you'd be absolutely wrong. LOL. I haven't packed really anything up. Honestly besides my mini stockpile of items that I have gotten for our family since April, I haven't packed too much of anything. Well in my defense I have packed all the extra glass dishes today.

I also spray painted some lamps that I plan on using in our bedroom. I love the paint color that I got although I think that it was too expensive.

But I am sitting here thinking how do you pack 20 packs of papertowels. I know that you will all be like why does she have 20 packs of papertowels...well if you don't know we have 4 children (5 all together) that live with us and they use a ton of papertowels. And since I got a bunch of them from Staples for 1.99 how could I not stock up on them? I mean I only got 20 for the price that I would have gotten 1 pack from Sam's Club. And honestly it is awesome to have something that we use so often for so little.

But I promised myself that I wouldn't start talking about stockpiles and couponing that much on my blog but honestly how could I not when there are so many awesome deals out there. I don't plan on stockpiling tons of things but when you can get All for 1.99 a bottle after coupons why wouldn't I got 10 bottles. And there are other things that we have gotten for cheap or free that we need but I am hoping to master the skill of getting cheap/free pull ups next.

So because I can't just type on this post without adding a photo here is what I got for free last week from Staples using their $3 coupon deal. We actually got much more than what I have pictured but those items were for the kids own personal stashes of school supplies and arts and crafts items.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A few decorating ideas...and an update

Hello everybody. I have been meaning to get on here and post something to the blog but just haven't had any idea what to share. So I decided because my previous post was kinda gloomy that I should at least post that I am feeling much better. I am hoping that this issue can get resolved but honestly I am not the person responsible for "fixing" this issue.

But I decided enough was enough, I need to pick myself up and dust myself off and do whatever I can to move forward. And that is where I have been for the last few weeks or so. Do what I can to move forward.

So what to share well in crafty news for me, I have made some birthday cards for LaTrele and a couple of his classmates. I made Nya's 2nd birthday banner and I also made my very own coupon binder. It is kinda similar to the binding that I used for my Christmas journal but not really. I love my new little coupon binder because it works better than the one that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. That poor thing honestly didn't even last for a month before it started falling apart.

But here is the binder that I made and am using. It is so perfect because it's smaller than 8.5x11 which seems so easier to carry for me. I knew immediately that if I was going to create a binder it couldn't be a regular 3ring binder because I would not want to carry it around. So 8.5x9 is perfect for me.

I plan on adding photos later.

Also I have been working on pages for the kids. It isn't something that has been a priority because I have been debating on actually starting to pack up my supplies. It is hard for me to even really think about it but I do know that I will have to start getting it done now. We are finalizing our loan this month (they have to re verify everything) since the house is done! That's right! Its all done! Every bit of it...We have been there almost every weekend since the beginning of this month except for a week ago because it was LaTrele's birthday party. And honestly I have measured the windows (for window treatments), planned the purchase of some ceiling fans. We are debating on getting maybe one or two because we know that it will cut our cooling costs but each section of the house and 2 or the 3 bedrooms have their own heating/cooling thermostat. I gotta make sure that the big kid doesn't have that bill running all day long.

But I plan to add a video to my FB page. I just haven't edited it yet. But its coming family if you are all wanting to see it. But we almost walked away from our house and went with another deal for one reason only. A water park is available to members at another HOA community and we almost wanted to change our minds. Well that was before we actually saw the home. It was so tiny. Don't get me wrong 2400 square feet is small too compared to some homes here. But this one just seemed much smaller and then we looked over our specs and walked through our house again and it was obvious that we needed to stick with what we have and find a water park option for us somewhere after we move. Plus I have been using an electric cook top for the last year and I am so ready to have my gas range/stove. There were some awesome things that the other house offered too like a walk in pantry. Which would allow me to have an amazing stockpile. Actually all the bedrooms (which there was 5) had amazing walk in closets too but there was a huge lack of actual room space. For instance our bedroom suite is 21.5 x 18.5 (without the bathroom measurements included) but the new house the master bedroom was 14.? x 11.4. And honestly the size didn't bother me as much as having carpet in the "eat-in" part of the kitchen and also in the formal dinning room. And I know that lots of people can do that but I have 4 children and 3 of them are under 10 so it just would not work for us. And then the new house was $9000 more but didn't come with a washer/dryer either! That was nuts. Those things were all included in our current home so we decided that the water park just wasn't enough. And to stick with the beautiful home that we have all watched hatch into an amazing new home. I really am so excited about meeting neighbors, going for walks and all those awesome things. I really am excited!

But here is a photo of the dresser (that I plan to strip, stain/refinish) and use as a buffet in our new kitchen....I love the legs on this one. And I got it for a steal at my local new Goodwill. It was only $17 I was planning on getting it ready in the next couple of weeks but today we got the call that we are closing and signing on the 23rd of this month so it might have to move "As is" and then I will work on it at the house. I also love the arched edges (which you can't see but the top has the same rounded/scalloped design coming out a few inches). I don't like old furniture that much but this piece was perfect because it reminds me of our archway from the kitchen to the great room.

I wanted to show a picture of what I'm talking about but for some reason I can't find one photo of the house completed. So here is one I took while it was being worked on

I also got two wing backed chairs that I am going to try my very very very best to myself. I am a little intimidated by them for some reason but Vele kept reminding me that I have done this sort of thing before with a bench and so on and so on. But it still seems like I would mess them up if I do it myself. But I am going to give them a try and since I got them for $7 each I won't be out much if I do mess them up. I just gotta really decide if I want to use then in the kitchen as our "head" chairs or in our bedroom as seating in the space by the tv/reading space? I am still debating on that one. But I love them to because the legs had a match feeling to our arch way in our bedroom/kitchen too. Plus I am loving the idea of using furniture that can be updated especially if it is a great piece.

I just really can't wait until we close on the house! Also the map painting on the buffet is for the office. I am going to "frame" it to make it nicer.