Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just a little updating...Some quick photos I forgot to add!

I am so excited because I just found another feature to add to the blog. And I can't wait to load it up with websites/blogs that I checkout frequently. I am falling in love with so many blogs, and yes it is an addiction! Truly it is. My little recipe box is filling to the brim with tons of recipes that I just gotta try out. Today while checking out flickr.com I found a scrapbooker that I thought had some awesome pics of food...


And I will be on the look out for other awesome food recipes. I am still putting together my seafood menu for Christmas. And I hope my van will be fixed (please Lord) before I miss the local sales on Lobster tails!

I volunteered at kidos school and because of that I got to get free pics of them. I was excited because I was able to get the photos on cd for 2 or the 3 kiddos. But I just had to show off LeiLani's pics...she was so cute on that day!! Although right at this moment she is yelling Mommie at the top of her lungs!

And just one other quick photo of LeiLani outside walking in for the first time in fall/winter. It snowed a few hours later so I was glad to get out when we did, especially because she cried because she had to walk in the snow. She didn't want it on her boots and she surely didn't like when I picked it up and tried to put it in her gloves. She wasn't happy at all. And one quick one from this last weekend. The kids were on their way outside to play in the snow with Dad. As I look at the photo I can really see how much LeiLani's hair has grown just in the last month.

So now family can see the most current pics of the kiddos. The school one will be coming in the mail within the week with Christmas cards.


  1. Those are awesome school pics. We missed out on fall pictures this year. :(

    I posted the answer to your question on my blog. Wasn't sure if you wanted the answer here. ;)

  2. Lovely pics of your little ones and congrats on the new addition.
    I also have a scrapping challenge blog if you want to pop in for a visit? www.journalingjunkie.blogspot.com

  3. Thanks for info Lemon Cupcakes!! Gotta see if I can get ds#1 one for Christmas. And Stephanie, I will check out your blog too...

  4. Cute kiddos! I just found your blog while reading a post on 2peas about Christians and Santa(and I agree with your view ;)).

    So I guess that means I have found yet another blog to follow! You can come check out mine, too!