Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school lunches and supplies

Well I just had to stop in and say hi for those still sticking around checking out this blog ever so often. I have been busy working on new schedules for the kids since school just started. And honestly I really feel awesome when plans comes together so smoothly.

I can't believe that washing fruits and veggies and packing into snack baggies on Sunday night makes such a big difference in having lunches ready on time during the week. I really love making things run so much more smoothly for our family. And one of the things that I am starting to realize is that I'm really good at making those systems work well for us.

On another note, My daughter came home from first grade with a piece of scrapbook paper and a note saying that they were going to have a classroom scrapbook and that she needed to do a scrapbook page for the book. I loved the idea but immediately began to think that I didn't want to over help her with the project. And that was my original plan going in and I stuck to that but working on that page with her really made me want to get some school pages done for our albums. So for the next few weeks I will be printing photos from last year and getting them onto scrapbook pages.

So since we are talking about school... here is a photo of our family's school supply stash. And before you say we have a ton of stuff please remember that we have 4 children to have a stock for the entire year for as well as a husband who often takes college classes to check is computer training up to date.
Well I hope that everyone is getting really good deals on school supplies.

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