Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015...a wonderful new year

I hope everyone's year has started off well. Personally I'm super excited about 2015. I haven't been so excited about a new year and the possibilities since well last year lol. But this year has already started very well for the family. First off no one is sick. Thank goodness because if we get sick again I might just loose it. We had a horrible run of the ...um yucky stomach and it was bad because it also included both ends. I hate to talk about it but I had to bleach down my whole house from the front door to the patio. I kid you not I took half a day off from work to handle that issue. And since then we have all been 100% better.

But on a great and positive note, my employer (who had been pushing me to work from home) is happy because I work from home all the time now. I was fighting it because I love my family but working from home was hard but it has been a great so far. It's only been three weeks and I had to go in and pack up my work desk and get decorations and bring them home. Originally I had been planning on giving away all the decorations to others at the office but when the hubs found out he was like nope you should bring that stuff home. It is very feminine and cute and it should be added to our home so that your space is more your style instead of the gender neutral style it has been. So I packed up that little corner, and moved it basically to our home. It looks like this...

It is a little different from the photo now like I have moved the chickenwire frame over so it isn't straight lined up with the computer. I decluttered the drawers so that I could actually add office/work supplies. And it feels much more perfect. Not that the office wasn't perfect before but the flowers on the desk and lamp and even the frame seemed to make it more cozy. And that is why I have been working more hours I think.  But I'm going to have to try to cut back on work and get to using my scrapbooking desk again. It is missing me dearly. I keep looking at it while on hold and I keep thinking about all those amazing supplies that I need to play with.

On another note, I am not using the 2015 planner that I just had to have and started making. I guess what I didn't realize  until I purchased it is that the Simple Stories binders have 2 rings, which make it hard to insert smaller items. I don't love that at all. The other thing that is somewhat an adjustment is that the planners rings are on the right flap. I never thought this would be an issue but when I'm laying in bed trying to write down my thoughts there is a long flap on the other side that I often poke the hubs with. Sorry hubby. And the planner has been sitting on my scrapbooking desk now for almost a week. I really think I'm going to start using my FC planner again.  The one I got at the Goodwill is so flexible and I can actually fold over the cover so that it's bent like a notebook and it won't damage it at all. That makes for wonderful planning while in bed. I will just have to position my pages correctly in order to cut them down. And that is the only reason why I haven't done it just yet. And it's hard not having weekly planner pages to write on. I've been using my old diary to write in and I just miss writing in a planner. I need to have a place to write out ideas and goals.

 But anyways look what I bought me for Christmas...I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Seriously. This thing is amazing. I love being able to make healthy smoothies. The hubs and I are going to do smoothies for breakfast for a month in hopes to jumpstart our 90 day goal of starting to be healthier. Wish me luck. Honestly I have never ever ever done any form of dieting. Ever so this will be interesting.
I'll be back soon. Smiles, Tracy

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