Sunday, June 28, 2015

Planner bliss

I truly am extremely happy with my decision. Honestly I can't believe how much I love this purple/lavender planner. It is so cute. So I have been really busy getting things set-up. And there are so many things I want to do but there are just as many things I am still trying to figure out what I want or don't.

So here it is....

I love the feel of the planner. In all the time that I have carried a planner or made one of my own; I've never had one that was purple. And the color made me a little worried before I got my order but that isn't a concern at all. I now find myself trying to not match all the dividers and pages to the color of the planner. So doing the forth of July themed weekly pages helped me to not focus on the purple. Well the calendar pages that I had made for the year are still being used. They were part of a Heidi Swap planner that was sold at Michael's last year around Christmas. But I have been eagerly waiting for her to make those pages available for purchase separately...I still am waiting.

The lined notebook paper that I used to stamp my journaling pages for the week are from the Dollar Tree. It's a 6x9 inch note pad. And although everything bleeds through the paper I love and use it because it is perfect for my classic franklin covey planners. I did purchase wide ruled FC lined journaling paper but I don't like it as much. I love having lines without any borders.  I have done this for years and its because I use my planner also to journal my day. I used to have only one sheet placed in between my weekly calendar pages but I now use 2. I also use these for grocery lists or writing letters.

I have also noticed that my FC hole punch is starting to punch weird. I think I damaged it some how bringing it to and from work. I hate that but I'm going to continue to be on the look out for one at the thrift store. I have seen many since I purchased mine, but I will get a new one whenever I make it back to the store. And they usually are between $4 and $6. A huge savings on what they cost new.

Well until my next post...smiles, Tracy

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