Sunday, April 20, 2008

What a fun night....

Hi everyone!!! I have finally entered the world of blogging...and I am learning a ton of stuff about what to do (or what not to do). I am so excited because I never thought that I would get so many requests for a tutorial on the revovling ATC holder that I put on ebay so I am going to be uploading information and pics of it during the week for all of those that want to know how I made it...I will also be showing more of the pics that wasn't put on ebay or on twopeas...but if you want to check out what I do have on there already here is a link to my go and check it out....

Update....yippee, I got the pics loaded on here finally!! I have been working on getting a slideshow of these images on here forever(for a few hours) and's done!! I plan on uploading tons of photos but for now I think that this is a good start...Plus I have a ton of challenges that I need to get organized and then this whole blog thing surely will be a lot more fun...

PS...if you want join one or both of the challenges that I host over at are the links to those
Dust off those stamps
All diecutters allowed


  1. Your blog looks great, Tracy - love the banner!

  2. Thanks I really appreciate you comment/feedback:)

  3. Excellent start! :) You've done great. Now, beware - it becomes as addicting as 2ps. :D

  4. Hi, Tracy--saw your post over at 2peas and thought I'd stop by to say hi!! Your blog looks great!!

  5. I can tell that this can become really addicting too because I have checked this site just as much as I check out lol...thanks ladies...