Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Reflection, insight and conclusions...all just from a walk!

Today truly was a beautiful day. It was filled with a walk with the kiddos and some pics of all of them together, popsicles and lemonade. I love summer because it's really the only time of year that you can get away with just going for a walk as an activity. It would have been awesome to go on a bike ride today but unfortunately we don't all have bikes anymore...2 were stolen and the baby trolley too. But it was nice to walk with them. Here are some photos of them. I love seeing LeiLani with the boys and how much she adores them. I know that they will have their ups and downs but if they stay friends; she will have some of the best friends a girl could dream of having...also some of the most protective too...

Yesterday I found out that I have a nephew that “we” didn’t know about...and he is the cutest little man… I am so excited! I have been stalking his mom because I really wanted to see him and although she just moved to Hastings I was willing to go out there to see him. And he is the chunkiest little man and he looks just like my brother…Just like him! He’s 10 months old and is a little brick (that commercial about diapers surely fits him! )But he is so cute…I took a ton of pictures that didn’t come out right for some reason…ok it was because I forgot to charge my camera batteries although I charged them last night, I left my camera on while uploading pictures to 2peas and lets just say I tried to charge them for 10mins and I only got one really great picture of him. I do plan on being around so there will be tons of pictures to come. He isn’t my first nephew I have another brother who has a handsome little son, a sister who has two handsome boys (that I haven't seen in ages because they are in Decatur too...and she neeever sends pictures) and of course my sis that has my nephew here too…but Marco is the first/only son to my brother Jimmy. And that is important to me…so here he is with his cousin…and she is older but you can't tell because she is so small ;o)

oh and I had to show one more pic of the family at the Mall of America Nickelodan (msp?) University...I think that they did a great job with the place. They revamped it and it looks so much better/brighter...and now there are tons more kid rides for both boys and even LeiLani had tons to choose from...it was so fun! Well here is that picture, don't ask me what LaTrele (ds#2) was looking at because I have no idea! LOL


  1. Cute pictures. So sorry about your Dad and your Grandmom. I hope you can find a way to see both.

  2. Tracy-I found your blog through a 2peas link. I'm glad I did. I have issues very similar to yours and your dad. Email me if you ever want to talk bbkieffer@embarqmail.com
    I haven't spoken to my father in 4 years, by his choice too. I know his health is failing. My sister is pushing me to contact him (cuz he would never), but I am not sure I can get past the hurt. I wish you luck and strength!

  3. Thanks Renee, and bbkieffer...
    for posting comments. I was really afraid to put this "out" there but I felt so much better after saying it..

    bbkieffer, I am going to email you...Thanks again, Tracy

  4. Best of luck with your dad... it is tough to be an "adult" daughter sometimes. Fate will take the relationship where it needs to go! :)

    PS Found you via 2Peas! Scrap on!