Monday, January 12, 2009

33yrs old...and a new exciting scrapbooking idea...

I have been excited about starting a desktop calendar/planner for months. I have a scrapbooking planner or that is what I called it at one time. But it really isn't that. It has been like an inventory of my stamps,dies and it one time it held my wishlist. But now I have decided that it needs to be used to hold only my inventory. And I need a new planner that does the rest of it all...somewhere I can jot down some sketches, deadlines on products that I am putting on ebay and a calendar of the current year....and since I was blessed to get a bind it all...I can actually make a book of this whole thing. Well this process isn't going to happen overnight and since I put so much into things I make to sell, I want to put just as much effort into something that I want for myself.

I haven't come up with all the ideas yet, but I have created the calendar pages,made a little section for weekly noted (dated) and printed mini calendar for all of 2009 to go on the month before (i.e January will have a mini calendar of Feb. 2009 on it so that I can circle things or look at things without going to that calendar month.

Now I have to design some pages for monthly goals, and so on...I am truly excited about it and I think that in the future I might make some of these to sell. I just gotta do this one for me first!

This last weekend I completed some simple school pages from 2007-2008. I can't upload ds#1's page because it has too many faces on it but here is the one that I did for ds#2.

I actually have a total of 17 pages done for this year so far, mostly because I have a way to print my own pictures now and am more excited about our albums. And also because I have to make sure that I get 2008 finished before our new little family member comes. Plus it was my 33rd birthday just a few days back and I just chilled at home with the family and we all had tons of fun!

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