Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's been 10 days since my last post...

Well it has been just that (10days) and now I have the planner that I was making almost completely done. I am excited because it came together really nicely but there is something missing. Well besides the tabs for each month there is something in the design that just isn't fitting.

Originally I just had to use the new Crate paper line (Mia collection) as seen on But it just didn't do it for me. I love the line but I wanted some of the seasons to be bright and fresh feeling and I also wanted my Christmas calendar to be the traditional yet fun colors of the season. So I pulled out some of my favorite lines that for one reason or another I haven't used.

And I also quickly learned that although the bind it all says to punch from the 5th hole and 7th hole, that if I want a continous punch I want to punch from the 4th and the 6th holes instead. But that wasn't a big issue at all.

So today before my shots, I brought of the planner (what I have done so far) and my hubby was truly impressed. He usually helps me think about other things that I can add or take away but he likes it as is...of course, when I brought it upstairs I knew exactly what was wrong...I don't like the cover pp. So it's out as soon as I feel better. And then my camera batteries are charging so I will have to wait to upload a few sneak peeks.

It truly isn't a scrapbook but I have been jotting down future ideas to maybe include some of my favorite photos from the previous yr each month. I love when a project evolves into something a lot more than it was supposed to be.

Oh one of my neighbors stopped by to check on me, and she saw it and now she wants me to make her one for Mother's day. I said I would because of the whole high risk pregnancy issue she may want them for Christmas instead.


  1. Tracy -- Wow! Somehow I missed the fact that you're expecting! (Boy or girl, or do you know?) Oh my gosh!
    I so absolutely love your work, and if you do a scrapbook planner that you'll have for sale, I'll be the first in line! Woo-Hoo!

  2. I don't know yet what we are having. Mostly because "she" won't let us really see. And thanks for the compliment on my work!