Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hello...hello and hello again everybody!

I have some really wonderful news...well it is a little old but on Monday, May 25,2009 our newest little one arrived...She weighted 4lbs 12oz and has a head full of hair. Her name is LaNya and she actually was released from the hospital before I was. For most that have read my blog before, I was worried about the c-section (this was my 3rd one) and considering what happened on the operating table, I had just cause. But I can say at least this time the spinal didn't fail and I was not put under general and I got to see and kiss her before she was whisked away. But there were some other complications, very serious ones. For all that believe in prayer, I ask you to please pray for my healing. I truly do need it!

But I haven't been able to be on the computer because I was just released from the hospital on Sunday. And I haven't edited or added photos of her just yet. I will be doing this a little later this week when I get breaks here in there between pumping milk, changing diapers and all that new baby adjustment stuff...have a blessed day everyone. And thank you all in advance for your prayers and well wishes! Tracy


  1. Tracy -- congratulations on your new daughter! I'm sorry things were so serious for you, though. I've had 2 C-Sections, and I know it's not a piece of cake! I'm sure the rest of your family is thrilled with your new little angel!

  2. Thanks Becky for the congrats!! Although it seemed like a bad experience, this c-section actually went better than any of the ones before! But there are some other complications that with my health...