Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi family and friends...

I hope all is well for everyone?!! We are doing ok (or at least that is what I am striving for right now)...It is really hard to adjust to lack of sleep and trying to function as normal. I was just thinking oh my goodness how in the world did I do this before, sleep for 2 or 3 hours maybe a night and then turn around and drive Vele to work at 5 am or 6:30am and then drive the kids to school. I thank God truly that I didn't kill all of us! But at least I am not driving this time around.

So enough about, that let's see what can I share...oh we went to the park a couple of weeks ago and at first I just sat and took pics of everyone. It was such a nice day that I forgot that I only had been out of the hospital the weekend before...but I was quickly reminded that I should have not done what I was doing...Vele even got the picture! And this wasn't planned at all.

I also want to say in my defense, that I just wanted to have fun with my family. I completely forgot that I just had a c-section . Secondly, although this was my 3rd c-section it was not an emergency one and I actually felt better so of course when you feel better, you try to do normal things...I just really didn't expect for something so simple to hurt so bad. And although it looks like I am laughing I really was terrified once the motion/gravity started and the pain kicked in I realized that holding the slide wouldn't help so I let go...thank goodness for pain meds! I surely took them that night.

Here are a couple of pictures of the crew at the Doctors office, I have had to go in a couple of times (due to complications, not the related to the slide-lol lol) but I decided to get some quick pictures of the family together. I don't have any idea why LeiLani is smiling the way that she is, it has become her "new " face. She has been doing this now whenever I am trying to get a picture of the two girls together.


  1. Welcome little one! I'm happy you are recovering well and are able to "slide" back into your normal routine! I wish you and your family the best with your new little addition!

  2. What a precious, precious family, and your new little bundle of joy is beautiful. I had to laugh, though when you described your daughter's "smile" for the camera! We've been dealing with the same thing with my 2 year old granddaughter, who has what she calls her "pretty smile", which is scrunched up eyes and almost this look of pain on her face. Every single picture since Christmas of this child has that same cheesy grin!
    I hope your playground escapade didn't set you back too much!

  3. Thanks Ladies,
    I really do appreciate the welcomes for my little one!

    Becky, I am so hoping that her new smile isn't here to stay! But I guess I will have to work with it if it is...lol lol ;o)