Friday, August 19, 2011

I am so excited to share on my blog this week, I have so much that I want to share and I have decided that I "need" to post more often because otherwise my post seem to get really long. Well I still haven't really scrapbooked but I have painted some wall paintings for my kids bathroom and I am also working on a frame for our wall calendar. I know I know. The other one that I had was not that old at all and that is ok, especially since the frame was purchased at a thrift store and I can recover it at any time to use it for another project but I will get photos of the one that I got from a garage sale for 68cents.

And here is a photo of the family(great) room and the kitchen now. I am only showing them again because I wanted to show that I picked up 3 very large Copenhagen wall paintings from a garage sale that I stumbled across. I could barely get them in the van cause I had just left Lowes and had 4 blinds in the car for the rooms.

My mom asked me what the green thing for. I have to say its my "buffet" (an old dresser) and it isn't green at all. I don't know if it is the lighting or something but it is a very dark teal. And it is use for extra storage. When we moved in I realized just how small the island was in the room and decided that sitting at it really wouldn't work for our family but putting the "buffet" right next to it would work great for additional storage. Right now I have tools, birthday/party celebration/wrapping paper, newspapers (for paint projects), silverware, and place settings in there. It is perfect. I just hate that the real island isn't the same height and width because it would cover the back (which isn't painted). But I am looking for a solution to that issue and if there isn't one then I will most likely move it to the main hallway and get another something that will be the right width and height so that it looks as though they go together. And of course I will paint it the same color, or will I?

Well there is much more to be done in the rooms. Like removing the old love seat, and selling it this week at our first garage sale,hanging the curtains for the patio door and the wood blinds for the back window today or tomorrow. I want to paint this weekend also but I don't think that I like the paint now that I already bought. So I am still debating on that. I haven't even tested the color because I am sure that it isn't the color that I want. Plus I might wait until we have the leather sectional delivered and the built in wall unit done before I paint. I am going to rethink the paint, I think that I was just so sick of neutral colors that I picked a color that I really didn't love. So I am thinking maybe terracotta color would work better than a bloody red color.

Well I plan on posting more photos of my progress next week. I just have tons of stuff that I am working on since the kids are now in school and the unpacking is almost done, now its time to really get it together. Especially cause my hubby has been going nuts, he wants people to come over to see the house all the time and I have been hoping to have some time to really get things together before that all starts.

But I have a question for you all, can you tell me if you think that contemporary and traditional can be combined to look well together? I am just wondering because I have so many things that are traditional like the wall unit, a sofa table (not pictured its in the office right now) and the wall hangings are all modern/contemporary to me. They aren't my style at all but when I saw them they were perfect, for my spaces. They allow Vele's style and my style to merge. I am just wondering what it will all look like once its put together?

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