Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I wonder all the time how I plan on doing several of the things that I have on my list daily that I just have to get done. I also wonder why does my list seem to grow instead of getting smaller? Well this weekend seemed hotter than ever but really it wasn't and of course painting furniture in a garage in 110 degree weather isn't a good idea no matter who you are. But of course that didn't stop me for doing just that.

I had picked up these to bookshelves from a garage sale last weekend and I had really regretted getting them until I bought paint on Friday. I mean they only cost $10 for both of them, which was an amazing deal since I needed something to hold my scrapbooking supplies and start to work on getting the office set up. And when I pulled up to this garage sale I looked at them but immediately knew that I didn't like or want them. But the lady having the sale really needed to get rid of her stuff because she wasn't able to load them in her moving truck. And of course like so many families here she was moving to the midwest. But I said no, although she really was making the deal sweet because I was getting a lamp, a picture with a bamboo looking frame (which is why I was looking at the frame because it matches the tropical retreat theme of our bedroom), a lamp and these two bookshelves. I kept saying no I don't want or need them, but when she said $10 for both of them, I had to get them. And I even paid the full price she stated for the other things because you can't beat $10 for 2 bookshelves even if I planned to use them in the garage.

But then I was looking in my hallway and decided that I couldn't take it any more, my scrapbooking stuff needed to get out of the entrance hallway. I hate that all my craft stuff was in the office in the sun so I moved it to the hall. And that was supposed to be until the curtains/blinds got put up. Well that was done three weeks ago and nothing had changed because I really had no furniture to use to put stuff in.

So here are the shelves/cabinets now...I hate that once again I didn't get a before photo of them. I love them! I mean really love them! I almost love them enough to put them in our family/great room but I think that I would have to convince the hubby of that.

I still have much more to do to get them where I feel like that are amazing. And also while out garage sale-ing, I got a table (which I am going to use as my desk) and a L shaped desk. Well the L shaped desk is now going to stay in the garage so that I can use if for my own garage sales an painting projects. But my plans are to paint the table this week too. Well the 2 tables/desk I got for $32 which is a lot to be honest but I got a couple of other things too that I can use in the office.

And then I got a call from someone who I had contacted from craigslist for a desk and she said that they had also moved and that I could go to their house and pick up the desk that I was going to get this weekend for free! That was such a blessing. I mean I could have paid the $20 for the desk but getting it free was really nice. I think that sometimes when you are nice and do things for others you get blessing for no reason. I am not saying that God provides you with material things for going good works but it's nice when people are nice for no reason.

I wish that I could share in great detail what I am talking about but I often think that it if you share some things that God tell you to do to bless others it might seem like you are bragging. And so I don't want to do that at all.

But on another note, my oldest has decided to run for student council. I am wondering if he will have too much on his plate this year. I mean it is his first year of highschool and all his classes are AP classes and he wants to do basketball, student council and football. Not to mention several other things that he has going on. I don't want him to be a slacker or anything, but I hate that his school only allows for 1 elective. And that to me makes no sense whatsoever. Kids need more things that are fun in school but I guess.

I have plans on getting more painting done (cabinets, table and desk) and get the painting on the wall of the office so that I can take a photo of the area. Well I am off to bed... Goodnight and have I hope you all have a great night/day! Smiles, Tracy

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