Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well since my space is set-up and I have been in there; it is now starting to really feel like our home so I felt like I should maybe let everyone else know the address. LOL. Really I sometimes forget that not all my family checks out this site or even has a facebook account. And so sometimes they are the last to get basic information from me which is so sad cause it used to be so opposite of that.

I used to mail cards and photos all the time and keep everyone in the loop about everything and so I pulled out some more supplies to make cards to send to family. Here are two of the cards that I made, and of course I am going to be making a few more to add to my stash mostly because there are 4 newly built homes on my block and I think it's only nice to give each of them a welcome to the neighborhood once they have moved in.

I really like the corrugated looking card the most. Mostly because I finally got to use my crimper on a card design. I have had that tool in my stash forever and I love using it to make banners and stuff for the kids but I never seemed to figure out how to get the design on a card. But it works well for this card because it feels like a cardboard box. Plus I really like the hand stitching more on this card too.

I just can't get a great photo of the cards no matter what. I have gotta figure out what to do to get photos to look good in here. Especially since my room has really only one source of light (which is a large source) but I need to take the photo without the flash. For some reason the flash is really too bright now. Something tells me something is off in my settings or maybe I have dropped my purse one to many times and bumped my camera.

Well I am going to be checking in a little later this week and finally sharing more photos of my space too. I have to say it isn't 100% what I thought I wanted but until I can spend money on it, this space is really nice. And I don't feel embarrassed now to have someone come over cause there isn't a box in sight! And it only took me 4 months to completely unpack every one of them.

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