Thursday, October 20, 2011

Office/Scrap space update

Well I just had to stop in and update the photos of my space while I had a chance to. I have a really busy week and it is Thursday. So far this week, I have been on a couple of job interviews and met with a potential client to make cards for her shop. I am so excited because this is exactly what I need to be doing right now. Trying to establish myself here is different from Minnesota but that is because there I knew so many of the store owners from actually being a customer but here I have none of those connections. But that is ok, it just means that I have to work a little harder.

Well here are the photos of my space, well not right now cause it is a mess...I am cleaning it up but I was crafting a few samples for the shop so I pulled out a little of everything. This is the space behind my chair. By the way, I got the chair from Goodwill for $6.00. It is the exact same color as the wall paint for the room and I have no plans of painting this room so this worked perfectly. And that frame leaning against my cabinet is actually my wall calendar that I am working on for the kitchen. I didn't go with that patterned paper on the top but this is where I am at with this project so far, the frame is painted and distressed, I took a piece of a ruler (that was used in the inside of my cabinet drawers to divide them for my dies) to screw in hooks so that I can hang the calendar part below the scrapbook page. As you can see the frame is a shade off from the cabinet, and that is what I meant when I said my house is a several shades of teal. But not several shades in one room, each room has a shade of it except for the kids rooms. They all got to pick their room colors and they didn't have to match the main room colors/shades. I still have to paint that crate that is on the floor. I am thinking black.

And of course the little one just had to get in the shot so you all could see that she could fit right in her little space. I plan on painting their chairs so that they match the room although they aren't the same chairs. I love the way that these little metal school desks are perfectly distressed to match the space. That was a happy accident. I originally was spraying they black but the Rustoleum paint wasn't working right. It looked like dust and I actually rubbed a lot of it off, so I went back with a wet clothe and it rubbed all off. I don't know why it did that. I shook the paint can, and followed the spray painting directions but the paint didn't work. And at that point I was way too hot (which might have been the issue with the paint) to go to the store and get a different brand so I just wiped off all that I could, sanded it and then painted over the tops with the same paint from the cabinets...and I loved it. It almost looks like chalk paint. I then sanded it some more and wiped them down once again and placed them right where they are now.But other than those things, everything else is just the same as it was in previous photos. I still have several projects that I have planned but those will be getting done little by little.

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