Friday, August 10, 2012

A quick update with no pics to share

Well the planner is in full swing. I have all of the pages done and have been using it successfully for the last two weeks. I actually finished it on Aug 1 and have been so happy with it. I got a couple of comments about how cute it was from strangers. I didn't mention that I made it until after I got questions from the second person. I never thought that women pay that much attention to the details but one really did while I was out grocery shopping. The first thing she mentioned was that she loved that the menu and grocery list were on the same sheet. I designed it that way just so that they wouldn't be seperated. It also has one letter missing from the front cover which is so funny because it seems that is always the first thing to go. No matter how or what I put the letters on with, they always seem to come off.

I will also add that after this planner was made I really decided that without a shadow of a doubt I don't love the bind-it-all. Plan and simple there is too much room for error when it comes to the holes being punched for the pages.

So whatelse is going on...well we officially are all back in school. Full swing. I love it and hate it at the same time. I love that my kids got new teachers and they love going to school each day but I hate that they are gone for so long. The kindergartened had a melt-down at school the first day. I mean she didn't burst into tears but she absolutely was upset and tears were falling when I said that I would be leaving. So I pulled her to the side and talked to her and she was fine. She must of thought that I was staying with her in class. And she isn't a clingy child at all but she was truly shocked that I would be leaving her although she was extremely excited about school and we talked about her being there all year long and so on and so on. Well that was so different on the second day of school when she ran off and left me at the gate of the kindergarten entrance and didn't even say bye.

I am adjusting to having the littlest one at home with me alone and honestly this had made her even more clingy. She was and has always been the clingy one and now she is in full swing my little shadow. So I have used this for my advantage in making she that we get out of pullups all day long. I mean we have been trained to the point were she doesn't have a pull-up on during the day at home, but now I am fully making she it's when we are out and about to. Doesn't seem to make sense to let her keep wearing them when we are doing things. Except when we are driving anywhere. Especially since we live in a rural area and she would surely have accidents if we didn't have them when we are driving. But she is now taking naps without them on because she has been waking up not wet after naps when she was wearing pull ups. And besides that I am in full swing organization mode. I have redone my spice cabinet, and pantry. I am currently sitting in a huge mess in the kitchen because I emptied everything out of the closet in there and oh my goodness it is a mess. But it has to get worse before it gets better right? I surely hope so. I truly do hope so.

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