Monday, August 20, 2012

House updates...still in progress

I have been organizing and cleaning trying to get this place together. I just really didn't realize that it was so messy and cluttered because I wasn't really paying attention since I was working full-time. So here is the pantry cleaned and organized.

 I have no plans on doing much more to it at this time. Well except looking for glass jars for storage and grocery shopping since I got out all the expired items. I have no plans on painting it or anything more. Mostly because I am ok with it being cleaned and stuff being together and neat. I love looking at all the fancy pantry ideas but honestly I need to spend the little money I have on making the rooms I have look better. Although I do plan on painting the pantry door with turquoise leaving the trim white in the center and then using chalboard paint on the center of the door so that I can write menus and also so the kindergartener has a place to practice writing alphabets too.

I have been hand sewing a cute flower/lady bug clothe shower curtain (from the Goodwill $2.50) for the kid's bathroom and honestly it is taking a lot longer than I thought that it would but there are a lot of details that I plan on doing to it. So this is what the bathroom looked like a few weeks ago...

and here is the photo of the progress...

it is going to take a little more paint (because I thought I bought a paint with a primer, the can even says it but I don't think it is) because the paint isn't really covering the wall. I don't know why it isn't but it isn't so I will need another can so that I can cover the walls.  And then I am going to hang some other wall art pieces. And find some more clings of butterflies and flowers to add to the mirror and the fronts to some of the bathroom accessories. 

Well I have to head off because I have the self cleaning feature on the oven going and I am wondering how this will turn out. I have never had this option before but I like the fact that I will be able to wipe everything away since can't use a wire scrapper on it (it would void the warranty). Until next time.  Smile, Tracy.

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