Monday, September 17, 2012

I love surfing the web and reading decorating ideas. I often think that I should share more ideas that I have about my own home. I mean I have shown things that I am working on and maybe given some tips but I haven't really shared too many details. I am hoping to change this.

So today I took these supplies                      

and began labeling my storage containers that I did have in my pantry and baking cabinet. I was on pinterest and I saw some chalk board labels. Now I knew that Hobby Lobby carried that chalkboard vinyl and  instead of waiting to do this project, I went to pick up a roll. Well first off that place is addictive for those of us that love all things decorative. I have since made a wishlist of things that I just have to get once I can afford to do a little fun shopping for the house.

So I got the chalkboard vinyl ( a little under $6 with tax), and then used my chalkboard markers that I also picked up from Hobby Lobby months ago (for our family menu chalkboard) and pulled out my old reliable Big Shot and cut some labels using a Spellbinders Nestabilities die set (Labels 4) and this is what my pantry looks like right now.

I have also went over my storage containers that I had used white rub ons to label over a year ago and re-did those with these labels as well. I know that my containers don't all match and I need a few a lot  more but this is something that I am not in a rush to complete or willing to invest loads of money into at this time (especially because I want to do our kitchen and great room). But I do love the black labels.  I really like that I used a few scrapbooking tools to make my home better.

I am hoping to find the mother load of storage options at a garage sale...that would truly be awesome!

So I was wondering if other people use a pantry and cabinets for for food storage. I was thinking about this because I have a pantry but I used 3 of my other 5 cabinets for junk food, baking, and spice storage. I have been thinking about maybe putting the junk food in the pantry too but I think that it would make it to easy for the little ones to get to more junk food items instead of the health stuff that I would prefer for them to have. And it doesn't seem to make sense to store spices in my pantry since I cook on the other side of the kitchen. Plus my baking goods are all by the stove and baking pans. I guess now that I think of it, it makes perfect sense for me not to store all my items in the pantry.


  1. Oh my you must have been reading my mind, I was just lamenting how I need to label things around the house more, I mean I know what they are but no one else does, lol.

  2. Tamika, I say go for it. I just picked up more storage containers myself (for most of my baking products) and so I will be labeling this upcoming week as well! I hope that you find some containers & labels that you love!