Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The space is still coming along...

There are a few more things that have been scratched off my list since my original post showing my space. And I am so glad that the handles have been added to the bigger cabinet drawers and I have to find some drawer pulls that I really like to add to the other 5 drawers without handles at this time.

The other thing that has been completed is that my paper storage have been cut to fit into the expedite. And I love the look of them all lined up and organized. I went through all of them and pulled out patterned papers that I knew that I would not ever use. And of course gave most of it to the girls and add a little stack for my garage sale.

The space is honestly more comfortable. And I watch tv in it rather than scrapbook at this time and I am hoping that will change shortly.

Well here is a photo of the inside of one of the 11 drawers that are on my desk.

 This drawer is for my adhesives, cutting blades and stamping supplies. I just wanted to add when I say adhesives I mean all things stick ability. This includes washi tape, epoxy stickers, magic mesh , and hot glue all the way to runners and liquid glue.

I did put the bulk of my refills that were unopened  in the cabinet on the very top shelf. It was good to have all those things in one spot instead of 2 little drawers so now I know that I have well over 24 refills of ATG so I don't need anymore of that for awhile but I need hot glue gun refills so that I can work on some decor item repairs.

Well I gotta go to bed.


  1. Hi! Just came across your blog via 2Peas. Love you space. I have to ask 24 refills of ATG tape!? Wowzer...I need your shopping method. :)

    Have fun creating.

  2. Thanks ladies...pst Karr, I would order 2 boxes (2 come in the box) whenever I would place a wholesale order (kind like a filler item to meet the order base price)but now I will need to get another filler item, cause I have enough for awhile. Pretty close to a year's supply. Well that is until I start making things to sale again.

  3. CAME OVER FROM 2PEAS AS WELL...it's exciting putting a new space together-makes you feel more creative since everything's organized...I'm glad my husband & I do not share teh same workspace since we have different decorating styles! Hope you are feeling better and have found time to scrap!