Friday, March 15, 2013

For those who have been wondering what I have been up to...

Well alot. I have been working major overtime at my new job and lets just say it has been extremely stressful to be at work for those long shifts. I have never had an employer require mandatory overtime that means we have to work 14 hr shifts.

But enough about that...I have some very exciting news. I am so happy to say that I'm sitting in my new scrapbooking space right now as we speak about to share with you all what I have accomplished in a 3.5 weeks. I love what this room has become for our family. Its so nice to have a space that we all can enjoy now together. So here is the photos of my new space...a little disclaimer, it is still in progress. It is not complete. There are handles still to add to drawers, a shelf to hang, new Stampin Up stamp storage cases to convert my cd cases to, and clutter to get off the top of my stamp storage and put away somewhere??

But here you go....

And I can honestly say that I love this space. It actually is not my style but it's both hubby and our style put together. And although I liked the idea of painting furniture, nothing could provide me with the storage that I needed except for IKEA kitchen cabinets. I designed my space before going there, how many drawers, what each drawer would hold and so on. And I was pleasantly surprised when my hubby put it all together. I was perfect, except there was an issue with my stamps. What to do with my stamps, well I already had wanted the SU dvd type cases because they were bigger, and could hold more which meant that I could easily increase my stamp storage by changing the container that held them. So step #1 get rid of black spinny thing and get the IKEA CD/DVD tower. Perfect! Step #2 order the SU cases and get at least 8 sets to complete my goal of condensing my storage. And then step #3 be patient, and wait until they get here...I'm working on the last step right now. LOL.

But once they are here and also my order of new stamp pads, I can get my stamp pads hopefully in the tower with my stamps. I am hoping because I don't want to purchase anything else for this room. I need to start on other rooms of the house but because Hubby made me pinky swear to stay focused on one room at a time, I gotta do it. But next is my entryway and the 1st bathroom. I know I just said one room at a time, techinally the hallway isn't a room.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I plan on having a day at the park tomorrow with the kids since we have been in the house so much this last week. Besides remodeling, I was also really sick.

Oh can you share any ideas that you have about how you got your Cropper Hopper paper holders to fit in the expedite. I would really love the info. Because mine don't fit at all.


  1. I am so envious - your scrap room is awesome. The color of the walls looks so good with the white cabinets, etc. I love the long counters, too. Perfect for family crafting.

  2. I found your blog while reading your post about scrapping styles on Two Peas. Love it! First of all, your family is beautiful! Your husband is so nice to help you with your room. It looks great! I really love the gray color walls with the white furniture and then POPS of color. I too am in the process of organizing my craft room. It sounds like you have really thought everything out! Mine is such a mess right now. But I know it will be worth it in the end. Like you, I need to focus on one room at a time but it's so hard. I get easily distracted with great new ideas that I need to implement right that moment. Heehee! So I have 3 rooms in my house in the middle of being re-organized/re-decorated right now. But I'm mainly focusing on my craft room. I guess that's why your post caught my eye. :) Oh, and for the cropper hoppers to fit in the expedit, you can try putting them on their "back" so that the top is actually facing outward towards you. I didn't like it so they are in my Ikea kitchen counter that is the bottom part of my cutting area. Good luck getting the rest of your room completed!!