Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well I was looking through photos on my camera and realized that I had never shared the photos of  my Mom's day cards and mantel, and that the one photo I had of the mantel with the flowers on it that I got was way to blurry.

I am ok with it being on a scrapbooking page but I guess it wouldn't look right if I shared it on here. But here is one of the cards and framed Mother saying from my family.
And also since I was going over photos I decided that I should show off the cards that I made with twine. I like these cards but they didn't turn out how I imagined that they would so I am going to put this one in my stash and remake the card that I imagined. But this is a really simple but cute card. I do like it now that I look at it but I really do want to play around with the design and add a few embossed clouds and such. Hopefully when I start making the new card I won't get distracted by the girls and them wanting me to sew them a rainbow too. Well I'm off to plan our Dad's day mantel.

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