Thursday, September 5, 2013

Since I haven't posted on my blog in forever I decided to stop in and just chat a little. I have been busy with my new job and making sure the kids are in a routine that works for all of us since they are going to school a lot later in the morning than normal.

We have started some major home improvement jobs around the house. Nothing major like tearing out anything and replacing it (although that is what I plan on doing to this ugly carpet soon), but I have painted our master bedroom finally and immediately after completing one wall Vele says this room feels better and seems bigger and brighter. It is strange how beige/tan can almost make a room seem much smaller than it is to us. Our bedroom is 27x22 so it always felt big but for some reason it started to feel smaller than it is. I plan on getting us some very nice seating in there, maybe a small loveseat or something? I haven't really figured that out. But I did replace the old beige sectional that was in our family room this weekend. I love love love the new leather sectional. It is so the style that I'm looking for as the base piece of the living room. And that thing is huge. But I also need to paint the family room and then I'll upload photos of the space.

I'm still without my laptop. I have come to the conclusion that it really is going to be going to laptop heaven. And despite the fact that we went computer shopping a couple of weekends ago I didn't get a new one. Although somehow hubby talked me into getting a new family computer. And so I got an all-in-one. I love that there is no longer a computer box and the monitor is huge compared to what we had before. But I'm still trying to learn how to use windows 8. That has been an adjustment. But I'm going to get it eventually I hope. I'm also going this weekend to look at laptops again. It is so crazy that we new have 2 family computers, and a laptop but I still need my own personal one. Hopefully I get one this weekend instead of something else.

Well I'm off to bed and I hope that everyone has a great week.


  1. Wow! Now I'm having home improvement envy, lol...I really want to make some changes, but its just not in the cards right now. You have me a little nervous about paint colors though. What color was it before you painted? I hope everything went well, and you were able to get that laptop! Take care!

  2. I originally color was tan/beige and I really do hate it. It is everywhere in our home. It seems like the builder must of got a special price for the color cause it is everywhere in the house. I love the new color. Our bedroom is big but the tan was starting to make us feel like it was smaller than it is. But with the light bluish sea blue color it is so fresh and airy. We both love it and immediately after putting it on the wall began to regret the fact that we waited so long to paint.

    Well I do hope to find a laptop that has a huge screen like my old one for a reasonable price. That is what is starting to be challenging.