Saturday, May 3, 2008

National Scrapbooking Day...

So what would be my ideal day for national scrapbooking day...that would be to scrapbook, the kids would be feed and taken care of by hubby and I could watch previously recorded scrapbooking and law and order shows...oh what a wondering day that would be...And of course that was just a lol
I really can't complain, I did get to visit Archiver's and do a free make and take there. That was very inspiring too because it gave me a ton of ideas for my next album/ATC.

Speaking of ATC....the one I started working on a couple of weeks ago is done!! And put on ebay... I don't know if I am really "making" any money on them, but we will see. I love this one and will hate to part with it because it is so bright and cheery and I love the papers that I choose this time. Well I have several new projects in mind, and I have already started collecting the necessary supplies for them. I can't wait to get them into the little albums...

Plus I have gotten a couple of requests for the acrylic pages for the ATC and I am waiting to get one supply in and then I will be able to get them on ebay...the themes for those will be happy birthday (there will be just a little bit of color added to these to make the embossed words pop), swirls, baby (your choice of pink/blue/white), dots and a couple of other ones that I am working on...I still haven't come up with a set price or quantity yet but I am working on that now.

Well I am off to get the new ATC holder I finished on here for all to see...Hey if you are checking out my blog...leave a comment...I would like to know what you all think of it...


  1. great blog, you have some super cute pages and you have a beautiful family. thanks for sharing.