Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Another ATC almost done...

I have been getting emails from several people on ebay and twopeasinabucket.com asking me about the next ATC... I had promised a sneak peek of the one that I am currently working on and so I have to make sure that everyone gets that sneak peek today...but before I do that I just wanted to say that there is a small delay in when it will be listed on ebay.

This delay is mainly because the ATC punch that I have is busted (seriously). I don't know why or how exactly but it had been punching the holes perfectly in the cards for the last two ATC holders that I decorated but this time the spring shifted and that was the end of that ATC hole punch. So my ATC holder is sitting on my desk half completed and waiting for the rest of the pages and I can't get the another hole punch until later this week because I had to call around and the closest scrapbook store that has one is a distance away...so I will be making that trip a little later this week...But until then I will show some of the work that I have completed so far.

And to let you know that this ATC holder will have acrylic pages that are embossed and some that have been stamped...I am so excited because I got some great new stamps and can't wait to show the acrylic pages that have been stamped...


  1. I also enjojoy doing ATC's. Thanks for sharing yours. They are great!

  2. THese are grest! Did this one sell? Will there be another> I trield looking for your items on Ebay, I could find it. What is your seller name?