Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just a quick stop in...

I just needed to update really quickly....I have been so busy this weekend with the 4th of July celebrations that I really haven't had a chance to sneak in and share...

First of all I have sold more ATCs and I am planning (since they are so popular) to do some more themed ones once I get the actual ATCs back in stock. I have been designing several themed ones and also another version of the yearly one...

Also the Studio G stamps and the Pick of the Patch layout have now been added to ebay. I had two email requests and I haven't heard back from the 2 requesting people, so I have decided to put those items on ebay.

I am so excited, I finally go to scrapbook for my family' s wall calendar, I was supposed to be working on a calendar layout for July and August but my boys school pics were just calling me to do something with them...and since I hadn't gotten all of the pics in the mail, I decided that I would use the ones that I have to create a fun layout for can you imagine our wall calendar is all dated and we have tons of things filled in for this month...but no layout above the calendar...(I know I know bad scrapper) ;o)

So here is the finished product and I if you can't tell...I used lemonade bag mesh on this lo...I pride myself on acid-free but I had to do something with those tons of lemonade bags that I had left over this weekend...And I pulled out those old hidden dies too...I was determined not to touch my QK dies this week, so I used my Sizzix/Ellison ones....oh I still used my QK file diecut though.

And since I took tons of pictures and haven't edited any of them yet, I figured I would wait to upload them, but here is one of the kids on the 4th.... and some fireworks. We had a ball!! And even last night we were out at the park doing more fireworks!

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