Sunday, October 19, 2008

Be thankful everyday mini's done!

The album that I have been working on for the last month is finally done. I really do love the finished project! I really do...

So here are just a few of the pics of the 20 completed pages. There are tons of patterned papers used, hidden journaling, pull out tags, stamped images, diecuts, glitter, embossed pages and more.... Oh and did I mention the tons of ribbons that I have on is really a great album for displaying fall family photos. I can even see it being used with Thanksgiving decorations...

You can check out my auction of this item here

And since I am doing my post this am...I just had to show the cards that I made also this weekend. They are cute...I had not used the penguin diecut for my own personal cards but I finally decided that instead of using it to make diecuts to sell; I could also use it to make some really cute here are those too!

Oh had to come here and add that I counted most of my stamps...and I couldn't believe that I have over 756 stamps and that doesn't included me counting invidual stamps in certain sets like AL calendar stamp, Monthly calendar stamps or even alphabet stamps...but I have a ton of them in my small space and it doesn't even seem like that many are in those 77 cd cases...but so far this move to putting in them in cd cases in themed sets was one of the best moves I have made in organizing my space. It has been over a year since I unmounted my wood stamps, went on the hunt for cd cases (including having my hubby bring some home from work) and I haven't once changed this around.

As fellow scrappers know organization is often a huge part of being a scrapbooker but this one storage method has eliminated the chaos that once was my stamp selection. So if you are looking for a better method and this option seems like it might work...I say go on and do it!! This helped me out alot...and now I stamp so much because it doesn't take forever to find a stamp like it had once before...


  1. Thanks for sharing your stamp storage. BTW, I love the album. Good luck with the auction!

  2. Tracy -- I love (as always) your work, and your fall album is divine!

  3. I changed my clear stamps over to the cases too and it has been wonderful. I found a really cool storage box at W-M for $6. It holds 32 cases and has a lid that fits perfectly to allow me to take the whole box of stamps with me on crops.

  4. I love the album. Good luck with the auction.

    oh, and the penguins are adorable! :)