Sunday, October 26, 2008

Working again and it feels good!

I am excited because I have sold my mini album! I am planning on putting several other items on Ebay in the next few days. I have been really busy getting some ideas down and I have a wonderful idea for a year in review 9x9 calendar album (using the MM spiral albums) but it is going to be a long process. I am hoping that it will come together nicely, but it always seems to. I have been working on Christmas cards for an order that a customer sent me. And I was at my local scrapbook store looking for pp that would work wonderfully with the Vixen reindeer heads that I made, and while there I showed them to one of the ladies there...and of course she wanted some. And she suggested that I put those on of course I thought about it and decided that maybe I should. And so I are what they looked like.

They are made using bazzill cardstock, felt for the hats, stickles, googly eyes, and tiny tiny pom poms for the nose. And of course as with my other diecuts I like them to be sturdy so I put them on chipboard. It took me make these little buggers! But I really do love how they turned out...I might even do these for a little while. Or even on my own Christmas cards.

And also I made this great Thanksgiving page that I made how I used patterened papers that I just got from the CKC-St.Paul. Speeking of that...oh well I won't talk about that whole experience. I just now know what it's like to volunteer I won't have do that again. LOL! But here is the page

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