Tuesday, February 10, 2009

An Egg-citing Day...

Just a few minutes ago there was a knock on our front door. And I wasn't expecting any company but I answered it. It was a neighbor who had gotten our mail by accident. And she also had a bag that she handed me. And at the bottom of that bag lay 7 eggs.

Now that isn't so exciting but then I remembered her asking that we sign some paper stating that it would be ok for her to have chickens in her yard and that is when I got egg-cited. Now we have another fun thing to look forward to in the spring...chickens hatching and eggs. I can't believe sometimes that I live in this big city and that we have some of the most unique things in our little neighborhood.
I have always wanted to live on a farm and we go to the Minnesota zoo every year and all I want to do is go and see the farm there. I love the state fair for a lot of reasons but they have a farm animal birthing barn and we are always there hoping and wishing to see a calf, sheep or whatever they have being born. And I know that these events are months and months and months away... but it was just so fun to think about them.
Especially when the weather is so gloomy and it rained all day today but the idea of spring coming totally brightened my day...now what can I make with eggs tonight? It has to be a side dish because LeiLani is allergic to eggs. Maybe they will be better for breakfast.

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