Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today I sat in my livingroom daydreaming of what it would be like to live in a warmer climate all year around. I think Vele started it by saying that he wanted to move to Arizona (weeks ago). I said yes, of course we could move there and we looked at houses forever. Now we aren't rich or even really sure that is a great place to live but he has family there and we wouldn't be that far from more family (on his side)who live in Cali. So the idea sounds awesome to me. Shoot he could say lets move to Tim-Buck-too (however it's spelled lol)and I would say ok. But Phoenix does seem like a better fit. So today I was daydreaming after the boys left for school and LeiLani was still was asleep...it just seemed so nice to live somewhere where it was warmer all year around. And maybe have a pool and a nicer house. But then I started remembering all those great houses that were worth double what they were listing for and I wondered how is the job market? But it would still be an awesome idea!

Well I am sitting here wondering what to post about and wish I could share all the thousands of things that are roaming around in my mind, but it would be a really weird post. And my kids would die of starvation...what's for dinner tonight? Well it would surely have to be that shepard's pie that I started almost an hr ago. I think I let mine simmer too long because I like well cooked and tender ground beef. Plus I simmer on lower than low. But the kids are driving me nuts. So I will have to get it moving soon. I realized now after posting that this might be the last shepard's pie until fall. I tend not to cook this in the summer. Only because summer is for grillin', summer salads, watermelon, and ice cream! I can't wait it's just the beginning of spring here and actually it's one of the best days in awhile people are out walking their dogs and I watched some kids play soccer in the park while waiting on my boys to get home and of course I let them run out right after homework and a quick snack to play in the park. LeiLani just about had a fit so I took her in the backyard.

Ok I'm off to take care of finishing touches but before I go I just saw the sweetest thing...it was simple but to me it was sweet. A elderly couple walking around the park holding hands. It was so sweet! I hope that one day, Vele and I will live to enjoy those ages and still want to have each other around...but more importantly want to hold hands and look at each other. Because he is my sweetheart!


  1. we live down in Alabama, lower Alabama. It is hot, cold, warm, freezing. everything down here. its nice till hurricane season then you sit and wait. Arizona would be nice. until about, AUGUST, then you will be loooking to move way up north lol. heat is ok but scorching... nuther story.
    124 in the shade haha. that is more like embers of haydees.

    dinner sounds good. I love grilling season my hubby is master griller but he loves to grill year round. (he is just weird that way.)

    very sweet watching those sweet couples isnt it. I so hope we are one of those sweet old couples too and not one of those grouchy sets of old people lol.

  2. LOL...Nancy you are so right about the weather in mid/late August. DH and I have talked about that too and with one little one with asthma, I don't know how he will be in that weather. But it is just a daydream for now...I feel the same way about hoping to never be that mean/grouchy set. It was so cute too see them together and they really seemed to enough each other's company.