Monday, April 27, 2009

Hello everyone!!!

I'm still out here. It's just been a really busy last couple of weeks. I have done a mini relocation of my space since I can't be on stairs. It is so hard to do what I do and have all my stuff in one location and then try to scrapbook in another. Especially when you have 3 card orders going and one possible wedding invite for wedding in July. But that isn't a complaint at all, just a minor vent! lol lol

Let's see what is going on, nothing but work really. I get so swamped sometimes with details on a card that I tend to overdo them. But these last 3 orders went so smoothly I know that I am due for a lot of work on something else in the near future. I wish that I could post the pics of the cards, but that can't be done until after the customer receives them and the event is over. But it is the cutest card, I hope that when I am 50 my kids/family want to do something just as special for me.

Let's see what else is going on...oh, I am trying to find a great deal on peacock feathers. It is turning out to be an adventure. I could order them online but they are costly. But I am going to wait on a vendor that I used for a wedding for a friend I did awhile ago to get back to me. I have heard that peacock feathers are becoming the trend so maybe I will find a good deal.

And just a quick update on pregnancy...all is well. I ended up at maternal assessment again but all in all everything is going ok. Well kind of...I was told I am thinning. And since I am only 31 weeks (32 tomorrow) that is a concern. But I am being good, and doing my very very best to follow all restrictions. It seems easier now that I have a work space on the first floor.

I hope everyone is doing fine...and enjoying great weather! It is all rainy here...almost looks and feels like fall instead of Spring.

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