Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a beautiful day...Well in my mind! LOL

Today was amazing! I got a huge order done, mailed and out of the way. I also had to deal with an issue that I saw arising...have you ever started a project on the wrong foot and then regretted or felt like you needed to start over because you might be getting taken advantage of? I did...I had taken an order and designed two cards and worked hard on the designs all before getting any payment (my fault!) and then after being told I love this card!! I bought some of the supplies because the retail store stated that they couldn't hold it for me. Now I didn't go out and purchase hundreds of $$ worth of product but I surely spent my own $$.

So I wasn't too bothered by a request to show another design of a card when I thought things were set in stone...nope that didn't bother me as much as being told by the customer that she wouldn't pay for something that she hadn't seen! Huh...I was working on something and hadn't gotten one single cent!...I had been communicating all the details, supplied photos of my work and then on top of that worked my tush off to get this order started all while not taking other orders and don't forget I didn't get $$ for my time! And all I stated to her was that I could email her an example of cards that I had done previously that were similar to what she was asking for.

So I attempted to communicate that I am a business and I was going to have to get payment before I moved forward with any more work...The same as any business that is making customized cards. They have an example, you see what you like and order yours and then you pay and receive a proof after that. I am not upset by this although I do now have 25 yards of gold ribbon and some other gold items that I can' t see myself using at all in the near future...but I have learned a lesson. One that I had learned before but now I'm going to follow 100%...non-customized examples, and at least a down payment before work is started! But the good part is that is just as this order began to go south, I got a call from a person I have made cards for tons of times and she wants me to do cards for her daughter's wedding, the save the dates, the invitations, shower and thank you cards. I am talking about a nice little piece of $$! I made sure to discuss payment/receive a down payment and set up dates to meet to go over proofs. I like when business is conducted this way! It just makes me feel better but then again this order was from a returning customer and she has always been pretty amazing to work with.

I can't wait until tomorrow...ok later on this morning because it is 3am! I am going to a local scrapbook store for a few hours to do a make and take. I have no plans on sending any $$ because I have an order of products on it's way from ebay. Some items that have been on wishlist now for over a year and finally I am going to get them. It's not that I didn't have the money for it, I just couldn't get them for a reasonable price including shipping so I waited. I tend to do that a lot. Especially if it is something scrapbook related.

I have also planned to start looking for a 2 seat stroller. I have been thinking about it but then realized that maybe I need to start actually looking for one. I might have to have my hubby start checking garage sales.

Here is a quick pic of one of the two gold cards that I created. It is very traditional in it's feel but that is what she was looking for.


  1. don't you hate the feeling of being taken advantage of? But it's a lesson well learned!

  2. Yeah it does feel bad, but it feels so much better when you put an end to it!

    I thought I would regret not getting the additional money, but not at all! And yes it is a well learned lesson!!