Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A quick update on a busy week

Well it's been a little busy around here. I am sure you all have tons going on too! I am learning new "routines" this week. I am trying to really learn what is going to work and what isn't. So far I have a lot of isn'ts lol lol. But I have tons of things to share. I have some really great pics of us as a family for the 4th of July.
Here are a couple....

I have no idea why Vele wanted to hold the Nya like this but oh well the picture is still cute ;0)
And here is one of us as a family. I have tons of editing to do to the other pictures so I decided to add these few before its been a month since the 4th and I haven't shared anything.

Oh and if you ever wonder what's for dinner on the 4th, it can range from one bbq'ed item to the next, some summer salads...but the night always ends in fireworks and a jello cake. And every year we have people over but this year at the last minute that changed...but the cake still was awesome. Here is a picture of that...oh the icing isn't icing at all, that's coolwhip!

And early in the week was my most awesome person in the world's hubs! He turned 33 and it was nice but he worked that day (so he could have his floating holiday be Friday and have a 4 day weekend)...But here is the card that I made for him.

I am just so glad that he is finally my age because it was getting old to here him say something about my age whenever he could. lol lol.
Also I plan on making some other cards soon. I have collected some great sayings and can't wait to actually use them on a page.

And also since I have done anything relating to cooking in awhile. I just had to say that I tried a recipe that was on a fellow scrapbookers site. I really liked how it turned out. We had it for dinner last night and I want to thank Amy G for sharing it...check it out! It is awesome!

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