Monday, November 23, 2009

All about family

Hey everyone it's Monday morning and I am just sitting down for a second to chit chat. I am wondering what I am going to make for dinner the next couple of days that #1 won't cause any leftovers because I will need every piece of space in the frig, #2 doesn't take too long to cook, and #3 is something that we really want to eat. I saw a great recipe for creamy chicken pot pie and might actually try it. Especially since I will be baking some of the pies today and some cookies too. We are planning to have some family over and I can't wait until they get here. It's nice to spend time with family members when you haven't seen them in a long time. But it's even nicer just to see or hear from them in general. That is the best part about Thanksgiving.

Which touches another topic. I just emailed a family member(s) and hope that they understand what I am saying. I just hope that my message is clear. And the same goes for the message that I left on facebook for other family members. I just really feel like sometimes family seems to be so distant from each other for no reason whatsoever. In 2008 I said that I would stay in contact with family just because we are all getting older and our children are all growing up so fast. But that has been one of the hardest challenges, people always seem to be so busy. I will admit that I am always busy but I do call, send cards, and an email is only sent if I can't get through...I hate emailing people greetings. But I do it only in the case of an emergency. But I am hoping for the best from this email.

Well today I have a long day of cleaning planned a long long day (I started at 6:15 this morning). I want to do somehow cleaning, washing,cooking and maybe change my hairstyle all before Wednesday. Maybe it's a bit much, maybe not. I just hope that I can get it all done. The cleaning shouldn't be too hard, the house really isn't messy. I do have scrapbooking stuff all over (the kitchen, living and my bedroom) but that is an easy fix. I have actually started getting my bedroom cleaned out. And I started organizing what I am cooking first and so on. I just have to narrow the desserts I don't think that we need 3 types of pies, 1 cake, a peach cobbler and cookies...or maybe we do? LOL

Have a great day and if by chance that I don't post again soon have a Wonderful Thanksgiving! Hug all the family you can and be blessed! Smiles, Tracy

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