Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am just stopping in for a quick update. I know that I have been slacking on the blog posts and I usually am not this bad. But I have been so busy. I am homeschooling and we have been busy learning some new material. And it is going great but it takes a lot of practice. And my 2nd grader still can't really sit down and do his work without me going over things with him and making sure he is actually doing what he is supposed to be doing. I am hoping that this will change.

But I plan on uploading some pictures of the new planner that I completed this week or have almost completed. I have always carried a personal planner (Franklin Covey was my favorite ones) and so when I got the bind it all I decided that I just had to try to make my own versions when I got the chance.

Well I made my own last year. And I have now made one that I am going to list on ebay. I ended up using an actual tabbed journal from Creative cafe (not the planner but the journal) and I love it. And yes I was working on the December daily planner (which I put on hold) but I am loving this one. And I will be taking pictures of it and listing it this weekend or by Tuesday at the latest. I just want some natural light for the pictures and the last couple of days have been so busy I haven't gotten around to the photos. But be on the look out this week.

I am excited, my card class is coming up this week and I have lots of cutting and prep to do for it...but if you are interested in signing up for the class you can do so by contacting the Scrapbook Shop of St. Paul. Here is a link to that site

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