Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Her first word....I am just so happy!

I was in the kitchen making sloppy joes and cutting apples for lunch when my littlest one says...Mo...ma! I am so excited. I haven't had any of my other children call me first. And it wasn't a playing with the words...no this was directed at getting my attention because she wanted some more applesauce. So at 7mths she said her first word. I am so excited about it so I had to come and share that with everyone.

On another note, I have slowly been back in my space. My hand still hurts really bad and I really can't do anything about it...well not for a couple of weeks. But it is hopefully going to get better. I can't really type that great either...I am pecking lol lol and I type well over 60 wpm (I used to an Administrative Assistant so many yrs ago and that is how I know my typing speed.) But back to my space...it was a mess! I hate cropping outside of my house because I always take too much and never have exactly what I need when I am working on something specific. But that is one of the hardest parts about classes too...because no matter what I have planned I never have everything although I pack everything. The best part is that it isn't something that I have to worry about for a while. So I unpacked my XXXL bag and started sorting and organizing. At first it looked great because I had cleaned my desk and then I actually unloaded the bag and it once again looked like a storm had come through the space. But it is much better now.

I am working on starting Nya's album since I hadn't even started it. I have been working on pictures in Adobe and I have printed several. But I can't wait to actually sit down and work on her book. I have been keeping a date book with all sorts of info on her and the other kids so it will be nice to get it all together and on their pages. So I am hoping to get a few pages done the next couple of weekends. But until then here is my son's 13th birthday card...


  1. Tracy -- how scary about your car accident, but wonderful that your little one said her first word! I remember those days, and now we're having it with our precious granddaughter. It seemed like she talked sort of "nonsensical" words for so long, and then all of a sudden began with long sentences and entire thoughts/memories/jokes and everything else (at a little over 2-1/2). Enjoy this time -- It goes by so quickly!

  2. I do agree Becky the time goes by so fast...