Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I've been super busy packing! And I am so glad to be able to move forward on this now. I have lots of ideas for our new house (both the rental and the house we are buying) and I can't wait to leave. I just have to give you all a little update. Our house is sold and we are moving. Those two things are happening no questions asked. And so I will not be updating as often as I should for the next month because I am packing, moving and getting settled.

On Sunday we had a yard sale and it was amazing really amazing! I couldn't believe that we made as much as we did when only put the signs up the night before and then set up the next morning. But we are going to have another sale this coming week (starting tommorrow) and run through Sunday.

I am selling everything. Whatever we can fit into our second van is what is going with us. And that's it. It's so weird because whenever we have moved in the past, I held onto everything. And now not keeping most of the items and selling everything seems so different to me.

But enough about that, I have some crafty stuff to share...I had been wanting to paint my ATG forever and never had the time to do it because I knew that I wanted to make it a little more detailed other than just spray painting it. But what I realized is that if I didn't just do something that it would be forever before I did anything. So I bought some spray paint and did what I could to make it look more like what I wanted. I never showed the finished ATG so I am going to show it today. I have no idea what design I was going for but I really like it. I didn't put the top coat (clear matte finish) over the bling because I had heard that it causes the jewels to yellow or something, and I did put the jewels on with glossy accents because I want to change them to another color whenever I can find them. But here is my ATG...she is so prr-uuu-ty