Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wow I am posting two days in a row! Yippee! I still haven't gotten any photos to share of projects that I am working on mostly because I haven't taken the time to get the photos done and edited and also because I have been busy organizing and packing.

I had stated on twopeas that I had no plans in the near future to minimize/reorganize my space. And honestly I didn't want to. I love my stuff and I love my space, but I will love my space more if it is in a bright and sunny loft. Or so I think. So I am cleaning my space, and going through my stash and weeding out things that I might not want to carry all the way across the country just to toss them when I get settled into my new space.

I will state again that I have no idea still when we are moving but I do know that we are going to be moving within the next year or so. It really would be a nice (and a miracle) to have our house sell within the next month and a new house bought all before school started in AZ so that we could be there for the new school year.

But besides packing, and sorting, I have been catching up on updating my die/stamp log. That thing is still up-to-date for the most part, but I had come up with the idea a couple of months ago not to put images in the log until I had actually used them. Well that made for a lot of stamps and dies that I needed to put in that binder. And that is what I have been working on for the last day or so. I wish that I had asked my hubby to bring home more cd cases because now that he no longer works there I need tons of cases and I don't want to spend the money on any more. I can't believe that I have over 125 cd cases and I still need more...maybe its time to convert some of the stamps to the larger dvd cases that Stampin Up sells? I just have go to find a cheaper way to get some to see if they will really work for me or not.

Well I don't have any photos and so I am going to close this post for today. Smiles, Tracy

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