Monday, November 29, 2010

Well I will be posting a photo of my Thanksgiving journal page later today. It is not completed (the photos aren't printed yet) but the journaling is done and the cards that the family wrote on stating what they are thankful are done.

I haven't posted in the last week because I have been resting...I broke my foot, the right one to be exact. And 3 toes. It has really been difficult not be able to really get around like I would like to and of course the kids have been loving that mom isn't really able to get around and check on things like chores and if rooms are clean as they should be.

I told my husband that the next person that asked me how I broke it or what happened I was going to tell them that I was training for a marathon or mountain climbing...but I really broke it by getting out of bed. Seriously. I didn't stub it on anything but instead I slipped and my right foot's toes just bent back under my feet and that's how you end up with a fractured bone in your foot and 3 broken toes (one was dislocated at first and once they "put" it back it was shown to be broken as well).

So tomorrow I hoping to get some pictures of the pages that I have done so far in my holiday journal only Thanksgiving isn't completed, and then I will upload them here. Have a great day...and don't break anything!

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  1. OMG-it just sounds too painful...take it easy!!! I wanted to give a good story too when I tore my bicep tendon but I could never think of a good retort cause everybody knows I'm not athletic! just popped by to say your cards are VERY cute!!!