Monday, November 8, 2010

Well I had this wonderful post all typed up and ready to edit...but then my littlest came along and deleted it while I was making lunch...and away it went!

But I do have some truly awesome news...I found our Christmas ornaments and stockings. They were hidden away. So I am glad that those aren't gone. And I keep telling myself not to keep mentioning all the things that are missing and the boxes that went to charity by accident, but it's hard not to now because I have unpacked all the boxes and now know what is missing.

I also have been thinking about doing an album for the month of December.
I think that I really want to do it mostly because I will be able to make some of the handmade journaling blocks and images that I have been wanting to for a long time. I just don't really know how I truly could fit that one thing into my daily life especially around the holiday. But it's becoming something that I would like to try just because I have wanted to do a daily photo for a month for over 10yrs after seeing one of my neighbors photo albums. He wasn't a scrapbooker he just woke up once while in college and decided that he wanted to take a photo of himself everyday. And he actually had the biggest photo albums that I have ever seen (and I am a scrapbooker lol) and he had been doing it for years. Taking a photo with someone, something or whatever he was doing at that time every single day of his life. I looked at it his album once and was truly impressed with the idea. And I thought that I would love to do that one day. So maybe next month I will do just that? I just don't know what I will do or if it is the fact that I haven't really gotten to craft like I did in our old house and that is starting to make me want to do something to get back into the groove...but we will see.

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  1. I wish you much success with your journal. I am hoping to make one for december too. I haven't started mine yet though.