Monday, March 26, 2012

Another 10th Birthday card...

Well after working on the first card that I liked, I decided that I would like to make another one for my son and give the first to one of his classmates. Well that was after I looked at a stamp set that I had bought to use on a card just for him.

I started by stamping the game controller in one color and then I decided that it would probably be better if I stamped it in multiple colors. And so I did.

I cut more of the stripes that I had used for the first card since the color scheme actually came from the stripes. And the greeting was the hard part for this card. The stamp set came with a greeting that I really didn't think fit the card theme (it says Game over), and I originally wanted the card to say, LaTrele, welcome to level 10, on the front and then Get your game on in the inside but instead ended up with what I have now because I didn't like how stamping each letter/word out looked. It really wasn't that bad but the font that I had in stamps just didn't seem right for the boy themed card and then I remembered it would be perfect to just use the rusty pickle rubons that I need to use cause some of them are sticking to themselves. And so I did. I think that I am still am going to use the greeting that I originally wanted to but in the inside of the card. Well I am going to try to get some sleep cause I really do need to get up early, I do have appointments to go to and business to take care of tomorrow. So I gotta get some sleep. Until next time, Smiles. Tracy

PS...after taking photos of the card, I really think that it needs some embellishments. Maybe some stars or something but I am too tired to think about it anymore and am really heading off to bed.

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  1. saw your card over @ 2ps and although I can't make cards to save my life, I enjoy looking at others. Loved this card-very bright and cheerful!